Gloves for drumming offer a myriad of benefits.

First up, they offer added protection against blisters which occur from friction between the hand and drumstick.

Secondly, they offer warmth, which may be an issue if you find yourself playing outdoors at festivals.

Thirdly, they offer enhanced grip and combat sweat. Sweat is a natural byproduct from such an intense physical activity such as drumming. The issue with sweat is when it comes to handling the drumstick. Sweat can make the stick more prone to slippage. A stick which is prone to slippage has the tendency to make the drummer in question grip harder. As we all know, gripping too hard on the drumstick should be avoided as this tension in the hands can lead to serious injury.

So, for all these reasons, drumming gloves are used in order to provide a one-stop solution.

In this article we have compiled a list of our top 5 drumming gloves. In it we discuss the main selling points that you should look out for as you seek to purchase a pair of gloves for drumming.

Promark DGM Drummer's Glove Review

For drum enthusiasts everywhere, Promark DGM gloves are a godsend.

These are one of the best drumming gloves that you’ll find on the market. They guarantee to keep your hands safe from wounds, blisters, and calluses with their high-quality build.

Promark have created long-lasting gloves which are designed and manufactured in the USA. They also provide great grip, comfort, and balance during playing.

Made from thin-cut Cabretta leather, these gloves are soft to touch and comfy. Examining the gloves in greater detail, you will notice that there are 8 specially placed pads on the palms and fingers of each glove. This means no more slippy perspiration or annoyingly sweaty hands during performances.

These DGM gloves feature a top breathable mesh fabric which has been designed to keep the air flowing around your hands.

You can adjust the fit easily with the DGM’s with the help of the hook-and-loop wrist straps. These gloves are machine washable and available in small, medium, large, and extra-large sizes. Make sure you pick the right glove size for to ensure maximum comfort, grip, and protection.

I’ve got “pretty average” hands and fit perfectly into the mediums.


  • Breathable mesh
  • Comfortable and soft
  • Prevent blisters
  • Extremely durable
  • Adjustable grip


  • They are costly compared to other gloves

The Promark drummer gloves are highly recommended by professional drummers as they offer an essential combination of durability, design, quality and comfort.

Zildjian Drummer's Gloves Review

If you’re on a tight budget and want a pair of durable and cool-looking drummer gloves, then Zildjian might have the pair for you.

These drum gloves will certainly appeal to everyone due to their affordability and exceptional grip. Zildjian gloves are made from soft lamb skin which is known as Cabretta leather. This leather is known for its comfort and is notably soft on the skin so you can kiss goodbye to discomfort when playing. These gloves go a long way to preventing the formation of sores and blisters.

When it comes to size, you can get these Zildjian gloves in three sizes: medium, large, and extra-large. Again, the mediums were spot on for my hands.

They’re a black-colored sleek design and they all have a red Zildjian logo printed on them. These drumming gloves also feature a reinforced thumb, palm, and fulcrum which can go some way towards injury prevention. To ensure a perfect snug fit, each glove has a Velcro strap that is easy-release and offers a tight but comfortable grip. The wrist bands provide enhanced control and stability.

In addition to all this, these gloves come with a vented back to keep hands cool and free from sweat.


  • Ease of use
  • Good grip
  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Lightweight


  • Palms may turn black when using for long durations at a time.

If you feel that it’s finally time to save your hands from blisters and sweat, then these affordable great quality drummer gloves by Zildjian may just well be the answer.

They’re not only comfortable but lightweight, durable and affordable.

Tama Drummer's Gloves Review

Tama is already a well-known manufacturer of quality drums and now you can get high-quality drummer’s gloves from them too.

Tama Drummer’s Gloves are extremely lightweight and offer great protection against the elements. This pair of gloves is made from extra-soft and long-lasting synthetic leather that prevents any sort of stick slippage when performing. The synthetic leather manages to take a great hold of the stick which provides for excellent grip.

To ensure that hands don’t get hot and sweaty when playing, the top and back material of the glove is made-up of a mesh-type fabric which improves breathability. Also, in order to allow the flow of air in and out, there are small vents between the finger creases which also serve to decrease “bunching”.

These gloves are available in two sizes – medium and large. When it comes to mobile device compatibility, you’ll have no issue with these gloves when using your phone or tablets, as the center finger is compatible with all touchscreens.


  • Great breathability
  • Thin, strong and durable synthetic material
  • Lightweight
  • Touchscreen compatibility


  • No small or extra-large sizes available
  • Maybe lacking in style a little
  • Limited availability online

Having a sleek grey-black look, Tama Drummer’s Gloves are one of the best synthetic leather drummer gloves out there. They are perhaps not the best looking drummer gloves out there, but they certainly do the job perfectly well and have the unique touchscreen capabilities which other notable brands do not currently.

Meinl Half Finger Drummer Gloves Review

This pair of drumming gloves by Meinl is the only fingerless option on our list.

The benefits of the half-finger design are numerous. Not only do you have touchscreen ability but also these gloves are not as prone to inducing sweat as most other full-finger pairs. Having half-finger design makes these gloves by Meinl very trendy and in demand by almost all drummers.

The great thing about these gloves is that mainly the palm area and lower finger, which needs protection, is covered. Being able to still feel the sticks with your fingertips while wearing a pair of gloves is a popular selling point for many drummers.

On the inner palm of the glove, Meinl has created these sticks with quality grip material to aid with holding and playing the stick. They are made from high quality, lightweight yet soft and thick leather which provided a very natural feel in the hands.

Moreover, the half-finger design of these gloves makes them multipurpose. You can also use them for gym workouts or bike riding. They ensure that your hands will be safe from blisters and will help protect any existing sores from further damage.

The mesh fabric on top offers breathability and eliminates palm sweat when playing. Meinl Half Finger Drummer Gloves also feature very sticky Velcro straps which make for a tight fit.


  • Half-finger design
  • More movement
  • Versatile gloves
  • Touchscreen compatible
  • Affordable


  • Users have complained that wrist stitching can often tear easily

The half-finger design gloves by Meinl are very popular among professional drummers. These stylish gloves allow for enhanced hand motion with quality protection and grip.

Vic Firth Drumming Glove Review

Last on our list of the top 5 drumming gloves is this offering from drumstick manufacturers, Vic Firth.

If you are looking for drummer gloves to keep your hands cool while you perform a show, then this pair certainly deserves consideration. These gloves are made from premium quality Cabretta leather which is extremely soft and durable. Also, these gloves are well-designed featuring mesh material, on the palms and back of the hand, for complete ventilation which really helps to keep your hands airy, cool, and fresh.

The stretch Lycra and exclusive synthetic rubber pads on the glove fingers give your hands a fantastic control and enhanced grip when using either mallets or sticks.

Vic Firth Drumming Gloves are also designed with a very stylish and sleek design having black and grey panels with silver dots on the thumbs and index fingers.

These gloves are available in all sizes from small to extra-large size. You can get them at a very reasonable price, relative to other competitors’ brands, and they will definitely shield your hands from incurring any aching blisters.


  • Stylish design
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Protection from blisters
  • No sweaty hands
  • Premium Cabretta leather
  • Outstanding rubber grip


  • Rubber dots fall off after a few uses
  • Sizes not very accurate

Vic Firth Drumming Gloves are a fantastic choice for all drummers to guard their hands against blisters although the durability of these gloves may not be their strong point. That said, these gloves offer great grip, style, comfort and ventilation.


When it comes to preventing drummer blisters, finding a good set of drum gloves is an obvious and convenient solution.

Good drum technique should not be overlooked, however. Be aware though, the right pair of gloves won’t fix any glaring errors that you already have in your playing technique, so do make sure that you are drumming correctly so as to minimize any potential injuries on the instrument.

We hope that this drum gloves review has been helpful to you in your search for the right pair. Don’t have a drum kit yet? Check out our electronic drum kit reviews!