Most important things about induction cooktopWhich criterias we used to select the best induction cooktops


For most purposes, you will find that the standard wattage of around 1800 W will work just fine.


This will help minimize any mess that occurs from liquids boiling over the rim of the pot.


The cooktop will automatically shut off if it senses that there is no pan on the burner.


A burner that is much smaller than the pan will have a difficult time heating the pan evenly or to a high enough temperature. A small pot or pan will work fine on a larger burner.


All cooktops will come with digital controls; however, they will vary in the amount of settings and controls that are given to you.

The Best induction cooktops in Our Opinion

Cheapest good choice

Secura 9100MC 1800W Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner, Black

best induction cooktop from secura 9100MC
15 power levels from 200-1800Watts. 15 temperature range from 140 Degree Fahrenheit to 460 Degree Fahrenheit. Built-in count-down digital timer with 1 min increments up to 170 minutes. The auto-pan detection.

Best Choice

NuWave Precision Induction Cooktop 1300 Watts

best induction cooktop from NuWave
It has 6 different pre-programmed temperature settings, but has the flexibility to cook at 52 different temperatures between 100°F and 575°F, adjustable in 10-degree increments. It is equipped with programmable stage cooking functionality with up to 100 hours of program memory and performance. Versatility to boil, simmer, deep-fry, stir-fry, saute, steam and sear, slow cook, barbecue, melt and grill.

Double Induction Cooktop

Cuisinart ICT-60 Double Induction Cooktop, Black

best double induction cooktop from cuisinart
Dual heat settings: 8 settings on the left burner, 5 settings on the right burner. Individual 150-minute timers and ON/OFF switches for each burner. Throws off less heat so kitchens stay cooler and heat turns off 30 seconds after pot or pan is removed.


An induction cooktop works by making use of induction coils. Induction coils harness the power of its magnetic field to create energy that transfers into heat. When activated, the coils generate a magnetic field which starts the process of the heat transfer.

The heat is not radiated from the surface unlike other types of cooktops. Instead, the energy is transferred directly into the cookware. The cookware then transfers the heat directly to the food.

This creates a highly efficient system that transfers as much as 90% of its energy into heating the cookware and food. It is up to 50% more efficient than electric or gas powered cooktops. In order for it to transfer energy to the cookware, the bottom of the pan must lie flat against the cookware. This allows it to transfer the maximum amount of energy up through the food.

The transfer of the heat happens almost instantaneously. As soon as you turn the cooktop on, it will begin heating up the cookware. It will heat up much quicker than any other type of cooktop, which only adds to the convenience.

Another unique characteristic of an induction cooktop is that surface never gets hot. This makes it a fire safe appliance. It will only transfer heat to specific materials. When it comes in contact with incompatible materials, like your hand or flammable objects, it will not transfer the heat to it.

This means you can turn it on and touch the surface directly with your hand without getting burnt at all. The properties of induction cooktop make it a great appliance to use in dorm rooms, RVs, or small and cluttered areas where safety should be prioritized.

All of this makes it one of the most energy-efficient and safest appliances out there. Heck, tap water is probably more dangerous than an induction cooktop!

While an induction cooktop will not work with all types of cookware, you likely already have the necessary pots and pans for it.

Your induction cooktop will work with any cookware that is made of the following:

  • Cast Iron
  • Stainless Steel with a Magnetic Bottom
  • Enameled Ironing Steel

Your induction cooktop will not work with cookware that is made of the following:

  • Alum
  • Pottery
  • Copper
  • Glass

A good way to test if your cookware will work on an induction cooktop or not is to place a magnet against the bottom of it. If there is a magnetic attraction, it will work with an induction cooktop. If there is no magnetic charge, it will not work with this type of cooktop.

Expert tip

You can check existing or new pots and pans with a magnet. If the magnet sticks with a strong hold, the pot will work on your induction cooktop.

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From the moment you turn it on, it will be able to heat up the than faster than any other type of cooktop can.


When you adjust the temperature, it will change immediately in the same way that a gas cooktop will adjust when you turn the flame up or down. An electric cooktop, on the other hand, will gradually change from the new temperature setting.


You can set the cooktop to a specific temperature in the same way that you can with an electric cooktop. You don’t have the same type of accuracy with a gas stove in comparison.


Many induction cooktops will have sensors that will automatically turn the burner off when there is no pan on top of it. This will keep energy consumption down.


An induction cooktop transfers heat much more efficiently than a gas or electric cooktop can. With the latter options, a large portion of the heat will escape away from the pan. And induction cooktop sends the heat directly into the pan.


Certain induction Cooktops are portable, making a perfect appliance to use anywhere and in any situation.


Since the surface of the induction cooktop does not get hot directly, it eliminates any chance of a fire from developing. With its always cool surface and automatic shut-off sensors, it is one of the safest cooktops that you can find.

Expert tip

Power of induction cooktop is huge. When using it you should regulate temperature properly. More importantly, you should pay your whole attention to cooking if you use induction cooktop.

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Induction cooktops only work with magnetically charged cookware. You may have to buy additional cookware to use with it.


While you can expect an induction cooktop to last a very long time, they can’t quite match the longevity that a gas powered cooktop can deliver. They have similar lifespans to electric cooktops.

Expert tip

If you want to clean induction cooktop, it is highly recommended that you wait until the surface of cooktop cool down.

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There are many different types of induction cooktops that you can choose from. They will vary in a number of burners that they have, the portability of it, the maximum wattage that it can use, and the size of the burner or burners that it has.


The right amount of burners for you will depend on two factors: the type and size of the cooktop, and how many burners you will need.

You will be able to find induction cooktops that offer a single burner, or cooktops that have as many as six burners.

Although six burners may sound excessive, it can be useful to have burner options at various sizes to choose from. A larger burner will transfer heat to a larger pan more efficiently, for example. Likewise, a small burner would transfer heat more efficiently to a matching sized pot or pan.


Portable induction cooktops are perfect for apartment or dorm room living. They provide a convenient way to use a stovetop without requiring an entire oven to be installed. To use them, simply plug them in and turn them on.

As long as the compatible cookware is being used, it will transfer heat efficiently. When you are finished using it, you can pack it away immediately. Remember, the surface does not get hot. As long as is kept away from any magnetic surfaces, it will not transfer heat, even after it has been used.

These cooktops will normally have one or two burners. The burners can vary in circumference, depending on the model that you choose. If you do use a portable induction cooktop, it is recommended that you ensure that is being used on a flat surface to keep it level.


A built-in induction cooktop can be installed directly into any countertop space. It will sit in the same way that a stovetop would on a counter. These cooktops will normally feature more burners. They can range from one burner and up to six of different sizes.

These cooktops are better suited to use as stove replacements in kitchens. Since they cannot be easily moved, they are not the best option if there is not a designated area for it to be installed.


The right wattage amount will depend on the size of the burner that is being used. Since most burners are between seven and nine inches, you should look for a wattage output that falls between 1200 W and 2200 W. For most purposes, you will find that the standard wattage of around 1800 W will work just fine.

If you are using a larger burner, you will find models that get up into the 3000 W range. An 11-inch burner, for example, will have as much as 3700 W of output.

You should also consider what you will be using the cooktop for. If you will need to cook at high temperatures for searing meats as an example, you should opt for a higher wattage within that size range. If you will be using it for light cooking like preparing eggs, for example, a lower wattage will be fine for these purposes.

If you need your induction cooktop for a variety of uses, you should pick the higher wattage burners. This works because most cooktops will have multiple settings that you can lower the wattage output two.


Induction cooktop burners will typically range between 7 to 11 inches. The larger burners will be better suited for larger pots and pans. In order to achieve the maximum efficiency of heat transfer, you should match the size of the pan you are using with the size of the burner.

A burner that is much smaller than the pan will have a difficult time heating the pan evenly or to a high enough temperature. A small pot or pan will work fine on a larger burner.

When you are deciding what size burners to choose, consider what you will be cooking. The size of the pots and pans needed to do the cooking that you intend to use it for should determine the correct burner size.

best induction cooktop size


There are many impressive features that you can find on a variety of different induction cooktop models. These features are not commonly found in standard induction cooktops, but you will come across them depending on the make and model that you are looking at.


Some cooktops will automatically shut off or notify you if it senses any spillage. This will help minimize any mess that occurs from liquids boiling over the rim of the pot.


An auto heat-up feature will allow the burner to heat up more quickly using a higher heat setting. Once the desired temperature is reached, it will automatically adjust and turn down. This will speed up the process of heating up the pan.


This is a similar feature as the auto heat up. When cooking liquids, this feature will heat up at the highest temperature and once it is boiling, it will reduce to a lower simmering temperature.


The cooktop will automatically shut off if it senses that there is no pan on the burner.


All cooktops will come with digital controls; however, they will vary in the amount of settings and controls that are given to you.


A keep-warm setting is useful for the size when you want to keep your feet warm without overcooking it.

Now that we have a good idea what to look for in an induction cooktop, we have reviewed five of our favourite types for you below. Read on to find out more.