Kayaking is both an adventure sport and a survival activity. Due to the nature of this activity, it is a must that only reliablegearis used for kayaking.

A good inflatable kayak must be sturdy enough to survive harsh water conditions but lightweight enough to be carried around to even the most remote locations.

With all that features in mind, buying a good inflatable kayak will give you the peace of mind that you are safe even while traversing the waters.

  1. Intex Explorer K2 Kayak
  2. Sea Eagle SE370K_P
  3. Coleman QuikpakTM K1
  4. AIRHEAD AHTK-2 Montana
  5. Advanced Elements StraitEdge Inflatable Kayak

Best Inflatable Kayak Reviews

Intex Explorer K2 Kayak


The Intex Explorer K2 Kayak is a two men inflatable kayak designed for fun and adventure. It is made from rugged vinyl construction and has a sturdy and tough feel to it.

First impressions with the Intex Explorer K2 Kayak will show that it is a comfortable two-seater enough to fit the average adult. Its adjustable seats allow you to move them to the right position.

Another good thin about this inflatable kayak is that it is extremely lightweight. This allows you to easily carry the kayak off to your next adventure.

The bright yellow color of the Intex Explorer K2 Kayak also makes its easily visible in the water. This will definitely come in handy especially during emergency situations.

One thing noticeable about this inflatable kayak is the lack of attachment to keep the skegs when not in use. This means that you can easily lose those skegs if you are not careful.

In addition, the carry-on bag that comes with the Intex Explorer K2 Kayak is not as durable as it should. It is made of cheap material that can easily tear.

Overall, the Intex Explorer K2 Kayak is a good recreational inflatable kayak for adventurous couples looking for a fun getaway in the lake.


  • Comfortable adjustable seats
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Bright yellow highly visible color


  • Lack of skegs attachments
  • Carry-on bag is made of cheap material

Sea Eagle SE370K_P


The Sea Eagle SE370K_P is one tough inflatable kayak made for leisure lake cruise or white water rafting. This inflatable kayak is made to withstand any water condition.

The Sea Eagle SE370K_Pis built to carry up to 650 lbs. or the equivalent of three people while only weighing 32lbs. You can carry it around and use it to transport you and two other companions or your gear.

In addition, this inflatable kayak is made from durable material that can withstand pressure and extreme water conditions. Its construction is designed to stay afloat and inflated even in rugged waters.

Moreover, the Sea Eagle SE370K_P has a self-bailing drain valve so you can easily drain the water after you have gone through some rough sailing.

On the downside, the pockets at back of the seats on the Sea Eagle SE370K_P should be bigger. Added pockets for compartments will also be a plus.

Secondly, the webbings on the seats were colored with cheap dye as it appears to bleed off once they get wet. This leaves blue spots on the white surface of the kayak.

With all that being said, the Sea Eagle SE370K_P is a good inflatable kayak for those who love adventures on the water. This tough inflatable kayak is a good fit on your next rapid water trip.


  • High weight capacity but extremely lightweight
  • Made from durable material
  • Self-bailing drain valve


  • Lack of pocket compartments
  • Bleeding on the webbing’s paint

Coleman QuikpakTM K1


If you are planning on a solo water adventure then the Coleman QuikpakTM K1 is a good pick for you.  This inflatable kayak has all the essentials you need to traverse the waters you want to explore.

The Coleman QuikpakTM K1 is portable and easy to carry around. It has a backpack system which transforms to the seat when inflated and it only takes 5 minutes to inflate.

Also, this inflatable kayak has a tarpaulin bottom that is harder to puncture so you will not worry about not staying afloat.

Furthermore, the Coleman QuikpakTM K1 has multiple air chambers that prevent it from easily deflating in case it gets punctured.

On the downside, the Coleman QuikpakTM K1 has limited space being a single man kayak. This means that you can only carry as much equipment with you on your trip.

Furthermore, the seats are less comfortable since there is very little back support. Longer trips may be a little hard to endure with its small seat.

All in all, the Coleman QuikpakTM K1 is a good inflatable kayak for someone who frequently goes outdoors alone with occasional and short trips on the water.


  • Portable and easy to carry around
  • Tough tarpaulin bottom
  • Multiple air chambers


  • Limited space
  • Small and uncomfortable seats



Larger than the average inflatable kayak in the market, the AIRHEAD AHTK-2 Montana is made for family fun and adventure on the water.

The AIRHEAD AHTK-2 Montana is 12 feet long which can sit up to two people. There is a lot of leg room on this inflatable kayak making every ride comfortable.

The seats on the AIRHEAD AHTK-2 Montana are also movable and removable. It has great back support for long trips.

In addition, this inflatable kayak is made from semi-rigid high grade PVC and heavy-duty nylon making it tough, sturdy and will last for a long time.

On the other hand, the AIRHEAD AHTK-2 Montana is not suitable for rough waters. Since it is longer, it has the tendency to bend and break when placed in rapids.

To add to that, its tubular design and bladders makes it a little difficult to clean and maintain with the water and sand getting into those bladders.

Taking all that in consideration, the AIRHEAD AHTK-2 Montana is a good family kayak for some leisure trips to the lake.


  • Longer leg room
  • Movable and comfortable seats
  • Made from tough semi-rigid PVC and heavy-duty nylon


  • Not for rough waters
  • Difficult to clean and maintain

Advanced Elements StraitEdge Inflatable Kayak


If you are looking for a tough inflatable kayak that you can use in any type of water, the Advanced Elements StraitEdge Inflatable Kayak is a good option.

The Advanced Elements StraitEdge Inflatable Kayak is built to traverse even the rapids and is also fit for calm water kayaking.

This inflatable kayak has a built-in aluminum ribs that define tracking in rough waters and make it more durable coupled with the strong PVC material.

Furthermore, this inflatable kayak comes pre-assembled when purchased so you just need to inflate it and attach the seat and you are ready to go.

One drawback for the Advanced Elements StraitEdge Inflatable Kayak is that it is very difficult to dry out. The water gets into the edges requiring you to let it dry under the sun for a longer period.

Another downside is that this inflatable kayak is smaller than most single person kayaks. There is just enough leg room and bringing in extra equipment may become difficult.

Overall, the Advanced Elements StraitEdge Inflatable Kayak is a good single person kayak for those who love the rapids. Its sturdy and stable built is a good fit for any water condition.


  • Built for all types of water
  • Made with built in aluminum ribs and strong PVC material
  • Comes pre-assembled when purchased


  • Difficult to dry out
  • Smaller with little leg room

To sum it all up, these inflatable kayaks have their own good point sand drawbacks. An important consideration in making a purchase is how you intend to use the kayakand what benefits you are looking to derive from it.

All in all, these inflatable kayaks can provide satisfaction if used appropriately. Just keep in mind to read the instructions and always stay safe on the water.