Kayaking is one of the easiest and most enjoyable water activities to try if you are looking for one that can appeal to a wide range of fitness levels. Although it can be a competitive sport, it is also an excellent recreational activity.

If you have a body of water near your area, grab the chance to go kayaking when the weather is good. You might even want to bring your family and friends along to make it a fun group activity.

What Are The Best Kayaks For Lakes?

Lakes are popular places to go kayaking. They are usually calmer than seas and rivers, allowing many beginners to enjoy paddling and expert kayakers to glide smoothly and practice their strokes.

  1. Intex Explorer K2 Kayak
  2. Intex Challenger K1 Kayak
  3. Perception Pescador Sit on Top Tandem Kayak
  4. Perception Tribe 13.5 Kayak Sit on Top Tandem Kayak
  5. Perception Joyride 10

So let’s dig deeper.

1. Intex Explorer K2 Kayak

First in the list is Intex Explorer K2 Kayak, one of the best tandem kayaks in the market. It is also an excellent choice for families who want to introduce and enjoy kayaking with their kids. The kayak is yellow in color and looks like a banana boat that the kids will love to use. Aside from that, the kayak is very stable, safe, and affordable.

The Intex Explorer K2 Kayak is very durable as well and has a weight capacity of 400 pounds in weight. It has inflatable seats that mold around your body for comfort, making it an excellent kayak for long-distance trips. The two removable seats can be moved to accommodate some of your things while kayaking.

It is not that heavy, so it will not be difficult to store away or put it in the car. It also has a detachable skeg or fin, so you will not have a problem in tracking. This versatile kayak comes with hand pumps, two paddles, and a repair kit.


  • It is inexpensive
  • Comfortable
  • Good for two people
  • Very stable
  • Has a big space
  • Capacity up to 400 pounds of weight
  • Safe to use


  • Not good enough for professional paddlers

2. Intex Challenger K1 Kayak

Another great lake kayak is the Intex Challenger K1 Kayak, a lightweight kayak with Boston valves, which allows you to inflate and deflate it quickly. The kayak is made with materials that have UV resistance, allowing it to last longer than other kayaks. Aside from being budget-friendly, this kayak offers enough room for your things and a large mesh net to secure your belongings.

The cockpit is big enough for you to move around and it has a comfortable seat with a backrest. When deflated, it is small and light enough to be put away in your garage or storage area. It comes with a hand pump, repair patch, inflatable seat, a manual, a cargo net, and an oar that is 84 inches long. It can accommodate up to 220 pounds of weight.


  • Comfortable backseat and seat
  • Highly durable and stable
  • UV-resistant
  • Mesh net to secure things
  • S. Coast Guard I.D. – NMMA Certified (National Marine Manufacturers Association)
  • Affordable


  • Because it’s lighter than other kayaks, you need to paddle stronger if there are strong winds.

3. Perception Pescador Sit on Top Tandem Kayak

The Perception Pescador Sit on Top Tandem Kayak is a tandem kayak that can fit two people. It has two adjustable back seats that you can change anytime for comfort and molded-in footrests to accommodate paddlers of any size. It has a weight capacity of up to 500 pounds and comes in easy-to-see colors of red and yellow.

It is stable and can be easily used by kayakers of various skill levels. This kayak also has a built-in compartment to store your things. Just make sure to put in a waterproof bag as the compartment is not watertight. Its comfortable seats make it easy to get in and out quickly.


  • Brightly colored
  • Easy to steer in the water
  • Comfortable
  • Weight capacity is up to 500 pounds
  • Can accommodate up to two people


  • Does not come with paddles
  • Storage compartment is not watertight, so you need to put your things in a waterproof bag.

4. Perception Tribe 13.5 Sit on Top Tandem Kayak

The Perception Tribe 13.5 Kayak Sit on Top Tandem Kayak offers comfort and stability – two essential things for beginner kayakers. This kayak has good maneuverability and excellent speed in the water. It also features a seat in the middle of the kayak and a weight capacity of 500 pounds so you can easily bring along another person, such as your child or pet.

The Perception Tribe 13.5 Kayak is resistant to UV rays, impact, and scratches, making it a highly durable kayak that will last a long time. The seat is detachable and can be adjusted for your comfort. It also has a molded-in footrest to accommodate a range of paddler sizes and allows easy movement once you are in the kayak. There are handles on the kayak to make it easy to move around and carry to various places. It also has a storage space near the seat where you can put your things.


  • Stable
  • Good maneuverability
  • Comfortable
  • Highly Durable


  • Higher-priced than other kayaks

5. Perception Joyride 10

The Perception Joyride 10 kayak is a recreational kayak that boasts of impressive features such as excellent stability, comfortable seating, and accessible storage hatch. This kayak comes with a selfie slot where you can place your smartphone to capture your kayaking moments. You will also feel the exceptional kayak fit when paddling due to its adjustable two-way seats.

This lake kayak also offers adjustable foot braces to allow paddlers of different sizes to sit down and paddle comfortably. It has an innovative dashboard with two solos mount recesses for customizing. The seats are also designed with ventilated padding and Zone deluxe thigh pads to give contact points for the paddler so that they can feel like part of the kayak itself.


  • Safety storage with hatch and hinged lid
  • Two solo mounts for a variety of RAM accessories
  • Adjustable foot braces or footrest
  • Designed to be an exceptional recreational kayak
  • Secure drink holder to keep your drink within reach
  • Selfie slot for capturing moments in the lake


  • Can be heavy to carry around

Kayaking is a great way to enjoy your leisure time on a lake while enjoying the weather and outdoor views. This sport has been gaining popularity because it can accommodate both beginners and professionals. If you plan to spend more time kayaking on lakes, remember to choose one that is suited for lake kayaking.

What Is Kayaking?

Kayaking is a type of water sport where you use a paddle and a small boat to navigate in the water. Although this activity may be enjoyed solo, it can also be an activity for pairs or groups of people.

Kayak boats come in different kinds, sizes, and designs, each with their own advantages and uses. The kayaks can be used in coasts, lakes, rivers, oceans, and other types of bodies of water.

Beginners will enjoy the very first day they try kayaking because it is easy to do and will give a thrilling and fresh experience. Even if you are already an expert, you can still have fun with the challenges it brings by trying out different environments or kayaking for a longer distance or duration.

You will also enjoy a variety of kayaks available in the market. There are ocean kayaks, lake kayaks, and even kayaks meant for fishing or recreational use. There are also different accessories you can buy to make your kayaking easier and more comfortable. If you’re ready to gain new experience, kayaking can be the best new sport for you.

What Kayaks Are Good To Use On Lakes?

There are different types of kayaks and the right one will depend on your experience, skill level, and the type of kayaking you want to do. If you are planning to go kayaking in a lake, there are more than a few recommended types of kayaks to use.

Inflatable Kayaks

If you are searching for a kayak that is light in weight, can save space, and inexpensive, then this is the right type of kayak for you. It is excellent to use in lakes and some inflatable kayaks are also sturdy and durable enough for river kayaking.

An inflatable kayak is highly portable and easy to use. You just need to inflate it using an air pump and it is also easy to stow away once you are done – just deflate it and fold it to put it in storage.

The biggest advantage of this type of kayak is its ability to be brought anywhere. The space it requires when you need to transport it is very small compared to the space and vehicle you will need to bring other types of kayaks.

The only downside is that it cannot be used any more once it has holes. Because it is lightweight, you will have a harder time paddling if there are strong winds or rough waters.

Fishing Kayaks

Fishing is a very popular and easy activity to do when you’re kayaking. Because of this, kayaks that are specially designed for fishing are easy to find. Fishing kayaks have features that make kayak fishing easier and more enjoyable, such as fishing rod holders and storage hulls where you can store fish you catch.

The only problem you may have in this kind of kayak is its lack of speed relative to other types of kayak. It is because fishing kayaks require being portable and have enough stability for fishing. You will also need to do some paddling to steer around the water. The key requirements for fishing kayaks are stability and how comfortable it is to sit in for longer periods as you wait for some fish to take your bait.

Touring Kayaks

If you want to tour around using a kayak, then this is the right one for you. It will help you move around quickly, and it can go long distances anytime you want. The kayak also has bulkheads that ensure enough space for storage.

Some touring kayaks have a rudder or a skeg to help in navigating. The shape of the touring kayak and its narrow beam allows it to shift fast while kayaking. Because it’s easier to steer, you will not have a hard time when paddling, which is crucial if you want to do long-distance kayaking. You can also put a lot of things inside it and it does not flood quickly.

The drawback is that you will have a problem with tight turns, which is not good in narrow canals or rivers. Also, most touring kayaks are long, which makes it challenging to transport and store.

Recreational Kayaks

This type of kayak is known for its stability and easy steering. It is usually characterized by its broad hull and usual height of 12 feet. It has little space for things and has a big cockpit where you can easily sit on and off.

Recreational kayaks are usually used in lakes or flat-water areas without too much wind and waves because it will capsize otherwise. It is smaller than touring kayaks, but it is easier to maneuver, which is useful if you are just starting.

What Is The Best Kayak For Beginners?

If you are interested in trying kayaking, then rest assured that it is beginner-friendly. Remember that if you are just starting out, it would be more practical to buy affordable kayaks especially if you’re not planning to do kayaking for a long time. You can also rent one if you’re not yet ready to invest in your own boat. Once you are sure that you want to continue and enjoy kayaking, then it’s time for you to get a kayak.

Tandem Kayaks

A tandem kayak can accommodate two or more people, which is excellent if you want to enjoy kayaking with someone else. You can easily take other inexperienced people or children anytime you want to go in the water.

It is an ideal kayak, especially for those beginners who want to learn kayaking because they can have someone more experience with them in the kayak. Tandem kayaks also provide children the opportunity to experience kayaking with their parents.

Tandem kayaks usually have big storage spaces, which is wonderful if you want to go on a long-distance trip. However, these kayaks are usually heavier than most solo kayaks. A tandem kayak can weight anywhere from 75 to 100 pounds which can be a challenge every time you need to transport it or when you want to need to bring it on or off the water.

Day-Touring Kayaks

Compared to recreational kayaks, this type of kayak lengthy and can reach up to 18 feet long. It travels effectively in the water, which helps it to stay on track even on long durations. It is an excellent kayak for beginners, especially if you plan to try a long-distance trip to increase your experience.

The day-touring kayak is also stable, portable, and has better control in rougher waters. It has more room for storage and the same easy access to the cockpit. Storing and transportation is not a problem with this type of kayak as well. The day-touring kayak, as its name suggests, is not suitable for longer day trips and only ideal for short trips with family and friends.

What To Consider When Choosing The Best Kayak For Lakes?

There are several things to consider when getting yourself a kayak to ensure that you will have exceptional comfort while doing the sport. Buying the wrong kayak can greatly decrease the enjoyment of kayaking.


Kayaks can generally be separated into two categories: sit-on-top kayaks and sit-in kayaks.

Sit-On-Top Kayak

The best advantage of sit-on-top kayaks is that you can quickly enter and get out of the cockpit. Because your body is not enclosed by the boat’s hull, you will not have a hard time paddling, making it a good option for beginner paddlers. The problem in this is it has less protection from harsh winds and waves.

Sit-In Kayak

The sit-in kayak can be more challenging to get into but can be learned after some practice. It’s an excellent choice if you go into waters with different types of conditions because it offers more protection than a sit-on-top kayak. You can also have spray skirts that can cover the cockpit securely. The difficulty in using a sit-in kayak is that once you fall from it, you will have a hard time getting back on. Some of the known brands for sit-in kayak are Sun Dolphin Aruba and Lifetime Lancer, which are also suitable for beginner paddlers.

Hybrid Kayak

A Hybrid kayak has the best features of sit-on-top and sit-in kayak. It was designed to allow the paddler to enter and get out of it while giving its user protection from waves. Some models are even matched with spray skirts like sit-in kayaks.


If you are thinking about the size of the kayak that you are going to buy, then think about whether you want the option to bring another person with you when you go kayaking. If you’re going to take someone or use it with your family, then try to get a tandem kayak. But if you plan to for it to be a solo activity, then a 1-person kayak will suffice. It doesn’t mean that you should go for the smallest kayak if you’re the only one who will ride the boat. Remember that longer kayaks can move faster during long-distance trips while the shorter kayaks can give you the maneuverability in tight spaces.


It’s crucial to think about where you will store your kayak. If you have a dock where you can leave it, then you don’t need to worry too much about weight. For people with no access to a dock, then it’s better to get a lighter kayak for portability. Make sure to get a kayak that you can easily lift and store away. You don’t want to exhaust yourself from a heavy kayak before you can have fun.

Weight Capacity

It is also essential to know the weight capacity of a kayak before buying it. Every kayak has its own weight capacity to help prevent it from capsizing when in use. It should also match the user’s body type (height, weight, and size). For instance, taller and heavier paddlers should invest in a kayak with a deep hull.


If you’re a beginner and not sure what kayak to get, it is better to put your trust on a kayak made by well-trusted brands. Some examples of these brands are Sun Dolphin, Malibu Kayaks, Old town Canoes, and Wilderness Systems. Getting a lake kayak from these manufacturers might be more expensive than lesser-known brands or unbranded kayaks but buying from trusted brands ensures that you are buying quality products that promise comfort, easy maneuverability, and safety.

Experience/Skill Level

The experience or skill level of the paddlers must also be considered when buying a kayak. By getting the kayak appropriate for the user’s skill, it will ensure that the paddler will feel comfortable while on the kayak and be able to maneuver the kayak properly. Also, beginner kayaks usually cost less than those designed for more experienced kayakers.


For newbies, one of the primary considerations is the stability of the kayak so you can enjoy using the boat without having to exert too much effort. Stable kayaks are usually made with more substantial materials such as polyethylene plastic to ensure structural integrity. The best lake kayak for beginners should also have a large cockpit to accommodate easy access to the kayak.


Kayaks for intermediate users have large cockpits like most recreational kayaks, but the materials used are lighter. This kayak can also be more expensive than your usual one due to the raw material. It’s important to invest with a durable kayak to ensure that it can withstand different weather conditions.


If you’re a seasoned paddler, a touring kayak might be more suitable for you. These kinds of kayaks are characterized by thinner boats and small-sized cockpits. Boats for expert kayakers are made from materials that can withstand harsh conditions to allow them to use the boat on a wide range of water and weather conditions.