Did you know that you need special tackle and equipment when pier fishing? However, your top priority is to have the best rod for pier fishing.

A good medium or heavy rod is what you need when pier fishing. You want something between six and nine feet long and have a spinning variety.

  1. Spinning Travel Kit
  2. Major Craft SolPara SPS-T702M
  3. Tica UMGA Surf Fishing Rod
  4. Supertrip Spinning Rod and Reel Combo
  5. Telescopic Ultra Light Fishing Rod
  6. Sea Beach Pier Telescopic Fishing Rod
  7. Sea Pier Fishing Rod
  8. ACUFLEX X2 Casting Rod
  9. Shakespeare Surf/Pier Spin Combo
  10. Surf and Pier Combo with Kit

Rod For Pier Fishing Reviews

Spinning Travel Kit



Freehawk offers a kit that includes a small fishing rod ideal for pier fishing. The rod is lightweight with high strength and wear-proof. The Spincast reel has a durable metal handle.

Major Craft SolPara SPS-T702M



Major Craft’s fishing pole is made with high Japan quality standards. It has low field footing for aiming. Cast accuracy is excellent. The rod is easy to handle and maneuver.

Tica UMGA Surf Fishing Rod



This rod from TICA is made of sensitive and strong TC2 graphite. The ring guides are made of high quality, strong Zirconia. It comes with a TICA foldable sliding hook keeper.

Supertrip Spinning Rod and Reel Combo



Supertrip offers a reel-and-rod combo made of strong, durable carbon fiber and metal alloy. The length is adjustable allowing for use in various settings, including pier fishing.

Telescopic Ultra Light Fishing Rod



Eocusun’s ultra-light fishing rod is adjustable for all types of fishing such as in piers or from the shore. The carbon fiber material is blended with epoxy resin for strength and durability.

Sea Beach Pier Telescopic Fishing Rod



This 2.4-meter (8 feet) telescopic rod is ideal for beach and pier fishing. From Uxcell, this fishing rod can be adjusted up to a closed length of 2.17 feet (66 cm) for portability.

Sea Pier Fishing Rod



This one from Uxcell is 2.1 meters (7 feet) long, ideal for sea and pier fishing. Length is adjustable up to a closed length of 2.1 feet (65 cm).

ACUFLEX X2 Casting Rod



This casting rod from Aleka can be used for pier fishing It has a graphite material with Arc™ technology. The rod comes with micro and standard guides for increased casting distances.

Shakespeare Surf/Pier Spin Combo



This rod from Shakespeare comes with a pre-spooled spool and a spinning reel. It has the EVA comfortable split grip and ceramic inserts. The rod is made of tubular glass.

Surf and Pier Combo with Kit



This combo kit from Ready 2 Fish has a full EVA grip. The rod is made of fiberglass, blank and comes with ceramic guides. It also a ball-bearing spinning reel.

Types of Rod for Pier Fishing

You can use a standard rod for pier fishing, but it is still best to purchase one based on your specific needs. Pier fishing rods differ in size and shape with most standard rods.

Below are the four different types of pier fishing rods with the description as to when and where you can use them and their characteristics.

Ice Rods – These are the shortest among all the pier fishing rods, measuring a maximum of 36 inches. There is no casting involved as the line is simply lowered through the water.

Deep Sea Rod – It measures around 14 feet long or less. You can use them catch large, powerful fishes like sharks, goliath troupers and marlins.

Surf Rods – They measure a maximum of 14 feet long and they allow two-handed casting because of their elongated handle grip. The extra length is used to get the lure to where the fishes are.

Trolling Rods – They are fast action rods dropped at the side of a boat. The movement of the boat is what casts the line. You can use them in shallow or deep waters.

How to Select a Rod for Pier Fishing

When selecting a rod for pier fishing, it is important to note where you would like to go fishing and what type of fisherman you are.

A pier fishing rod has different sets of action rods that measure the flexibility of each. Different action rods are made because of the different locations, fish species and fish sizes.

Below are the different action rods with the description of each and when you should use them. Choose the rod depending on your needs and experience.

Fast Action Rods – Fast action fishing rods are flexible only at the tip. The rest of the shaft is rigid. You can use them in catching larger fishes.

Medium Action Rods – Medium action rods are flexible at the upper half of your rod’s shaft. They are popular because they are the most versatile. It can catch any size of fish, except the extremely large and small ones.

Slow Action Rods – They can make short and gentle casts. They offer little rigidity as most of their shaft flexes. They are used to catch small fishes.

Tips in Pier Fishing

Fishing in piers can be a rewarding experience. A few tricks on the side will not hurt as well so you can yield more catch.

Observe the birds – Use the birds to identify where the fishes are. They usually know the patterns of the fish and the time they come out.

Casting is not needed – Pier fishing will not require you to cast your fishing rod. All you need to do is to drop your line along the pier where the fishes may be hanging out.

Choose the right bait – Your bait will determine what fish you will catch so it is important to understand what kinds of bait attract the fish you are targeting.

Use polarized sunglasses – These can give you an advantage when you are going to fish in a pier since these allow you to locate fishes in the water even when the sun is up.

Look out for cloudy water – Most fishes stay in cloudy water. This seems to be their survival instinct so other creatures will not see them while swimming.

Advantages of Pier Fishing

Pier fishing offers several advantages that is why a lot of people choose to make this as their hobby or simply as a way to spend time with family.

Simplicity – Pier fishing is naturally simple. All you need is a quality rod and reel and you are set to go. It does not require the use of many techniques or gears.

Accessibility – Almost all piers offer easy access to those who want to go pier fishing. Most pier fishermen just park their car, find a spot in the pier, then fish.

Does not cost much – This hobby does not really cost that much. Once you are set with a fishing rod and reel, you can go ahead and fish all you want. There are also no charges when fishing this way.

No other gears needed – Pier fishing does not require you to invest on a lot of fishing gears. Most pier fishers are hobbyists and just looking for something to do to pass the time.

You do not need to be an expert – Pier fishing only requires you to drop your line and wait for a fish to pull it. There is no casting involves. You can definitely bring your family along in this adventure.