Are you one of those who are really eager to have fun on the snow, but easily get cold? Get yourself protected from the cold with the best ski jacket.

You can rely on a ski jacket when it comes to performance and comfort. If you are sensitive to cold temperature, this clothing is what you really need.

  1. The North Face Men’s Resolve Jacket
  2. Wantdo Men’s Waterproof Mountain Jacket Fleece Windproof Ski Jacket
  3. Columbia Men’s Alpine Action Jacket
  4. Wantdo Women’s Ski Jacket
  5. APTRO Women’s High Ski Jacket Wear

Best Ski Jacket Reviews

The North Face Men’s Resolve Jacket



From one of the more established brands when it comes to apparel, North Face introduces a classic ski jacket in Men’s Resolve.

The jacket is made completely for nylon, making it very lightweight. Despite its effectiveness in sealing in heat, the product weighs only 2 pounds.

Completely waterproof, the jacket manages to keep the water out while allowing the air to circulate. This lets the body breathe while ensuring that everything remains dry.

The hood is adjustable so that you can tighten it around the head, thereby keeping the ears and hair completely dry.

Other than the zipper, the jacket also features a central flap that can be closed over the zipper and sealed with Velcro. This helps ensure that the water doesn’t get through the zip.

Unfortunately, the flap can sometimes get caught in the zipper, resulting to zipping issues. You might want to make sure that the flap is folded away from the center before zipping up.

Although the hood offers tightening around the face, some users noted that this is insufficient to completely seal the area against water.

All in all, the product is ideal for men who have outdoor jobs and need to be protected from rain and wind. Due to the preciseness of the fit of the hood, this product should not be used by women.

  • 100 percent nylon
  • Waterproof but breathable
  • Adjustable hood
  • Centre front zip with seal
  • Flap gets caught on zipper
  • Insufficient hood tightening

Wantdo Men’s Waterproof Mountain Jacket Fleece Windproof Ski Jacket



A product by Wantdo, this waterproof mountain jacket for men is made in China. Hence, any returns must be shipped to China.

One remarkable feature of this jacket is the earphone line, a futuristic addition which makes it possible for wearers to prevent tangles while enjoying music.

It also comes with outer and inner pockets, big enough to contain mobile phones, keys, and passport to keep them safe and water-free.

The jacket contains 1200 grams worth of cotton padding. This provides for maximum heat retention while keeping the body covered from wind and water.

The hood is both adjustable and detachable so as to make it easier for users to move around. When needed, the hood can be tightened over the face.

The main problem with this product however is the size. Make sure to check measurement instructions before placing an order.

Zipper is also flimsy and requires additional stitching before use. Most buyers have noted that the zipper isn’t properly sewed in on the rest of the coat.

The jacket is stable and effective for the most part, providing sufficient protection with additional features. Ideal for males who love to go out on weather-biting adventures, this jacket should prove to be a good companion.

  • Earphone line
  • Outer and inner pockets
  • 1200g cotton padding
  • Detachable and adjustable hood
  • Size issues
  • Zipper is flimsy

Columbia Men’s Alpine Action Jacket



Built for mountain climbing, this Alpine action jacket from men is made and sold by the Columbia brand specifically for snow sports.

The product features an omni-heat thermal reflective technology that manages to keep the cold out and the heat in. This ensures continuous comfort during the snow season.

The jacket is equally waterproof while maintaining a breathable surface thanks to its mixture of fabrics. This keeps the skin comfortable even as the body remains protected.

Chest and hand pockets are available for storage. Zippers are put in place to keep the interior water-free and secure.

The cuffs are also adjustable so that wearers can tighten it around the wrist. This helps create a sealed surface to maintain heat.

When buying however, it’s important to pay close attention to the sizing. Some buyers have noted that the jacket size they got is too big for them.

The cuffs could also use a bit more padding to keep the cold out. This has been noted despite the cuff tightening feature of the product.

All in all, this Alpine jacket makes for good attire in the slopes. Although not ideal for career snow athletes, it would be perfect for those who want to enjoy skiing and snowboarding in relative comfort.

  • Omni-Heat thermal reflective
  • Waterproof and breathable
  • Zippered chest and hand pocket
  • Adjustable cuffs
  • Insufficient sleeve insulation
  • Size problems

Wantdo Women’s Ski Jacket



This waterproof and windproof ski jacket from Wantdo is specially made to fit women users and available in multiple colors to suit individual tastes.

The product comes with outer and inner pockets to keep your stuff safe. The size allows for multiple items to be stored inside without any difficulty.

There’s also an earphone line, preventing any tangles even as you enjoy music. This also helps keep the earphones stable regardless of any movement.

With 1200g worth of cotton padding, the jacket helps retain heat and ensure continuous warmth and comfort during the snow season.

Seam sealed to keep the water out, this jacket also works well during the rainy season. Despite that, the fabric remains breathable and will keep the skin feeling comfortable.

Note though that the zipper for the jacket is located at the side. This can be quite awkward, especially if you’re used to a front zipper

Sizing issues have also been noted. Prospective buyers are advised to be very careful when choosing the size they want.

All in all though, it’s a fairly good ski jacket within a reasonable price. Easy enough to use and providing sufficient heat, comfort, and protection against wind and water, it’s ideal for women who love the outdoors regardless of the season.

  • Outer and inner pockets
  • Earphone line
  • 1200g cotton padding
  • Seam-sealed and breathable
  • Side zipper
  • Size issues

APTRO Women’s High Ski Jacket Wear



Made by APTRO, this ski jacket wear comes in various colors to meet the feminine taste. It comes with a frontal zipper and buttons for attachment.

Windproof and waterproof, the product is sealed in all the seams and joints to ensure that not even a drop of water will pass through the jacket.

It’s also heat retentive, keeping the warmth inside while managing to provide a breathable surface. This helps prevent any itching or skin issues.

Featuring an anti-static function, the ski jacket allows fiber surface ionization thanks to the coated surface. This has the benefit of preventing static electricity.

To top it all off, the ski jackets are highly stylish, featuring a combination of colors instead of just basic pastels.

Unfortunately, the jacket has small pockets in front so women won’t be able to store anything big inside them. They’re small enough to fit keys or a phone.

Also be careful with sizing since the product looks best with a close fit. Make sure to check out sizing instructions before placing an order.

All in all, there’s no doubt that this ski jacket is built for women who want to look good even as they enjoy winter sports. The jacket is what you should buy if you’re looking for fashionable and functional.

  • Windproof and waterproof
  • Heat retentive but breathable
  • Anti-static function
  • Highly stylish
  • Small pockets
  • Size problems