Snorkeling can be a fun learning experience for your children. They are going to enjoy swimming with cute sea animals. To help them do so, you have to get them the best snorkel set for kids for their safety.

A set should include a snorkel, mask, vest, mouthpiece and fins. A good snorkel set for kids should be built with the youngsters’ preference and behavior in mind. Additional safety features should be incorporated into each piece.

  1. Speedo Jr. Recreation Mask Snorkel Set
  2. Cressi Deluxe Kids Youth Mask Snorkel Set
  3. Snorkel Mask Set For Kids by Ivation
  4. WACOOL Snorkeling Package Set for Kids
  5. US Divers Youth Buzz Jr. Snorkeling Set
  6. Seavenger Adult and Junior Diving Snorkel Set
  7. US Divers Jr. Dorado Mask, Proflex Fins & Sea Breeze Snorkel Combo Set
  8. US Divers Jr. Regal Mask, Trigger Fins & Laguna Snorkel Combo Set
  9. Cressi Jr. Rocks Mask Fin Snorkel Set
  10. Promate Junior Snorkeling Set

Snorkel Set for Kids Reviews

Speedo Jr. Recreation Mask Snorkel Set



The Speedo Junior Snorkel Set has a snorkel that can be easily removed with the release-clip mechanism. But the strap is made of plastic that may breakdown over time.

Cressi Deluxe Kids Youth Mask Snorkel Set



The Cressi Deluxe Kids Snorkel Set has a feature hat that prevents water and air from coming in from the top. Its tempered glass makes it resistant to scratches but it may also fog when used for hours.

Snorkel Mask Set For Kids by Ivation



The Snorkel Mask Set by Ivation can resist deep-water pressure. Its rubber is softer as compared with other brands. It seals well on your child’s face, thus not causing water leaks.

WACOOL Snorkeling Package Set for Kids



The WACOOL Snorkeling Package Set for Kids has an anti-fog tempered glass. It is designed for toddlers and older kids. The snorkel can be adjusted up and down using its clip.

US Divers Youth Buzz Jr. Snorkeling Set



The snorkeling set has Pro-Glide buckles for easy strap adjustment. It may cause fogging after hours of use so your child may need to get out of the water to clear the mask.

Seavenger Adult and Junior Diving Snorkel Set



The Seavenger Adult and Junior Diving Snorkel Set has a dry top snorkel design that prevents water from coming into the mask in case of accidental splash. Its adjustable straps make it fit children and adults alike.

US Divers Jr. Dorado Mask, Proflex Fins & Sea Breeze Snorkel Combo Set



The Snorkel Combo Set is suitable for children 6 years and older. You can adjust both the mask and the flippers to fit little kids. But the snorkel does not have a valve on top.

US Divers Jr. Regal Mask, Trigger Fins & Laguna Snorkel Combo Set



The US Divers Junior Regal Snorkel Combo Set features Pivot Flex Fins that increase efficiency and comfort. The snorkel has a small flap to stop water from coming in but this will also prevent air from coming in.

Cressi Jr. Rocks Mask Fin Snorkel Set



The Rocks Snorkel Set comes in two sizes so it will fit your kid comfortably. Although it may not be recommended for competitive swimming, it can be used for advanced swimming lessons.

Promate Junior Snorkeling Set



The Promate Junior Snorkeling Set comes in two sizes with an easy-to-use sizing chart. You need to get a mask that fits firmly on your face to avoid leaks.

How to Select a Snorkel Set for Kids

The considerations involved when selecting snorkelling equipment for adults are somewhat different when it comes to kids. Whereas adults usually require function and style, children’s snorkel sets require utmost comfort and safety.

A child is more inclined to use the snorkel gear when it does not feel obtrusive or painful. This means that finding the right fit for your child is extremely important.

Most manufacturers categorize snorkel sets for kids by age group. This can help parents determine which ones will fit their child. However, every child is different. A bigger 6-year old may not fit in the set intended for the 3-6 year old age group.

Heavier snorkel sets may become too troublesome for some kids to use. If available, choose lighter sets. This will make movements easier and will not inhibit the child’s speed underwater.

Check the components used to manufacture the snorkel set. You do not need to buy the most expensive set, but also inspect the ones that are remarkably cheaper.

Cheap snorkels sometimes use PVC or silita that works like silicone. Silita, however, is harder and more uncomfortable to use. Silicone is the material you’d want your child’s set to be made out of.

Types of Gear in a Snorkel Set for Kids

A child’s snorkel set usually costs more if bought individually. When available, opt to buy the set as whole in order to save some money. With that said, ensure quality and comfort are not compromised. The following are the major components of a snorkel set:

Snorkel: Be sure to consider the size of the snorkel being purchased. It will be hard for a child to bite down on a larger one with a hard knob.

The knob should be small enough to fit inside the kid’s mouth. This is to ensure that water will not endanger your child by getting into his or her mouth.

Snorkel Fins: Snorkel fins can help your child move easier in the water. With practice and time, it will make the swimming experience more fun and efficient.

In order to get them to use them and practice, select a set of fins that fit well. The blades should be flexible. Fins that are stiff and rigid can cause discomfort and discourage a child from using them.

Snorkel Mask: The mask is one of the most important components of the snorkel set. It protects your child’s eyes and improves underwater vision. Fit and comfort should be the top factors to consider when selecting a snorkel mask.

The right fit will prevent water from getting into the mask, avoiding any untoward incident that can spoil the child’s experience. Inspect the mask for any gaps when worn, and adjust when needed. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Kid’s Snorkel Sets

Q: What are the differences among the various snorkel sets in the market?

A: Depending on the manufacturer, some sets allow the child to stay a little longer underwater. Other differences can be in the level of comfort, size, and the ability to purge water out easily.

Q: Is it better to buy a set instead of just renting one?

A: Your child’s safety is assured when you buy their own snorkel sets. You are assured that the equipment is clean and cared for. Buying also allows parents to select the best fit for a better experience and comfort.

Q: Are dry snorkels recommended?

A: Investing in dry snorkels for kids is definitely recommended. Completely dry snorkels will block water from getting into the snorkel’s valve. This provides additional peace of mind for the parents, while making the experience easier for the child.

Q: What kind of fins work best for children?

A: Unlike adults, children do not require complicated choices between long, split or paddle fins. Since kids’ feet are relatively smaller, choose short or smaller fins. This will require less strain and effort from the child using them.

Q: What is the best type of set to buy for my kid?

A: Price is a consideration, but not the most significant factor. Evaluate the child’s proficiency and skill level. Always consider the fit and how comfortable the gear is. If possible, fit the mask and snorkel at the store. If buying online, check the return policy involved.

How to Maintain Snorkel Set for Kids

Masks: After the child uses the snorkelling mask, soak it in mildly warm water at around 48°C. This is to breakdown the salt that can potentially damage the gear.

Alternatively, you can rinse it in soapy water and scrub off the salt and dirt. Make sure that it is completely rinsed and dried off before placing it in storage.

Fins: Snorkel fins also need a freshwater rinse to rid it of accumulated salt and dirt. Avoid using it for extended periods of time when not swimming.

For instance, do not stand on it, run, or walk when the fins are still being worn. This should only be worn before getting into the water and removed once done.

Snorkels: The snorkel, just like the rest of your gear, needs rinsing and cleaning after use. It has several parts and components that need regular check-ups and inspection.

Check the mouthpiece to ensure it is thoroughly cleaned. Replace worn out mouthpiece, if necessary to avoid hassle when in use. The valve should also be regularly checked to avoid or detect any malfunction.