Wouldn’t it be nice if your preferred style of snowboarding would fit the type of bindings you use? You can achieve that if you use the best snowboard bindings.

You need your snowboard boots when choosing your bindings to get the right fittings and size. The main role that
bindings play is connecting the boots with the snowboard.

  1. Flux Bindings Snowboard Binding
  2. Nikita Ninja Binding
  3. Flow NX2 Hybrid Snowboard Bindings Mens
  4. Flow Five Fusion Snowboard Binding
  5. Avalanche Summit Snowboard Bindings Black Mens

Best Snowboard Bindings Reviews

Flux Bindings Snowboard Binding



Enjoy smooth press and easy butter with this snowboard binding. It has top notch materials and function that can make each ride effortlessly magnificent.

Great boot support: The bindings excellently lock in to the boots. The ankle strap is very form-fitting because there is not too much padding in the heel area and the new honeycomb shape of the strap.

Adjustability: Almost every adjustable component can be modified without needing any tools. Only the disc located on the fly will need a small tool.

Easy, smooth turn initiation: The Flux bindings perform smoothly with quick response from edge to edge. The balance between the toe and the heel contributes to smooth rides and quick response.

Buttering: This move is made easier by the little stoppers off the side of the bindings. There is enough solid leverage from the board when doing a press or a butter.

No dampening:Snowboarding on hard, packed ice may be uncomfortable with this binding. Dampening is almost non-existent. Chunks of hard ice can be felt through the board, especially over the heels.

Difficulty stepping in: Threading the ankle straps after some difficulty stepping into the bindings takes some struggle because the tooth belt would get stuck in the ratchet attachment.

This is an ideal binding for regular terrain and not for extra-hard packed ice. The product gives snug and secure fit for better performance on the board.

  • Great boot support
  • Adjustability
  • Easy turn initiation
  • Effortless buttering
  • No dampening
  • Difficulty stepping in

Nikita Ninja Binding



This is originally designed for women, with its bright feminine colors. This is intentionally manufactured as a tailored complimentary part to the Nikita Snowboard.

Soft flex: Rated at 3 (1 as soft and 10 as stiff), this binding is geared towards soft flex. This means more comfort and more forgiving.

Specialized hiback: The hiback for this snowboard binding is specially designed for women, with hiback geometry that best fits the female legs and feet.

Secure strap: The toe straps are True Grip Fast Fit for easy fastening and secure, comfortable fit. The ankles have the 3D Supreme ankle strap for stability on the snowboard.

Quality baseplate: Nikita ninja binding’s zone baseplate is 30% composite. It comes with an IMS or an adjustable toe ramp.

Limited compatibility: This snowboard binding is originally for women and for use with the Nikita Snowboard. Fitting, comfort and performance may be compromised when used with other snowboards.

Limited colors: This is originally a women’s snowboard binding, so color availability is limited to shades that cater more for women’s taste.

Theseare great snowboard bindings for all types of snowboarding activities. These were primarily created for women and for the Nikita Snowboard for optimum form and function.

  • Soft flex
  • Special women-specific hiback
  • Secure straps
  • Quality baseplate
  • Limited compatibility
  • Limited color scheme

Flow NX2 Hybrid Snowboard Bindings Mens



This is a high performance snowboard bindings set. Advanced technologies were used in creating the different elements for durability, comfort and excellent performance.

Nylon ModBack: The highback is made of glass-filled nylon ModBack. This feature provides more flex and gives a lively flex.

Excellent cushion and footbed: The footbed has dual density, canted bankbeds. The cushion pads at the heel and base are of OC-Kush.

High quality support panel and strap system: This snowboard binding features the ATM.8 support panel with the revolutionary hybrid PowerCapStrap.

Aluminum parts: Lightweight and durable aluminum alloy is used for the rockered baseplate and the 4HP 3HP M6 channel (5mm-offset multidisk).

Takes a few tries to get the perfect fit:Adjustments will have to be made for a few tries to get the perfect, most comfortable fit and for optimum function.

Step-in system different from traditional snowboard binding: The advanced technologies used create a step-in system that may take some time getting used to.

This snowboard binding is excellent for all mountain and park use. The unconventional step-in system and the advanced features may take a few tries to get familiar with. Once that happens, performance will be optimized.

  • Nylon ModBack
  • Excellent cushion and footbed
  • High quality support panel and strap system
  • Lightweight durable aluminum parts
  • Unconventional step-in system
  • Takes a few adjustments to achieve great fit

Flow Five Fusion Snowboard Binding



Slip on your boots effortlessly with the Flow Five Fusion Snowboarding Binding. This is not your average, traditional binding. It is easy to wear and be ready to run in a flash.

Excellent cushioning: The baseplate padding is full EVA heel and toe inserts for cushy feel, especially on harsh landings.

Tool-less adjustment: No screwdrivers and the like needed to make adjustments. This binding comes in easy to change strap adjustments.

Molded UniBack: This soft-flexing molded plastic reclines and can be easily folded down by simply flicking a lever down. This allows quick wear-and-ride without struggling to secure the binding.

Rockered baseplate: The baseplate comes in a molded plastic wit a soft flex that allows for easy turn and buttering.

Strap adjustments may prove to be limited: Straps may not give the same exact, unique snug fit that traditional bindings provide.

Mellow flex: Some people may want a softer or a more rigid flex. This binding is somewhat in the middle.

This is ideal for all-mountain cruising and for park riding, and a great choice for beginners and intermediate snowboarders who want to improve freestyle and carving skills using bindings that are not excessively stiff or unforgiving.

  • Excellent cushioning system
  • Tool-less adjustment
  • Molded UniBack
  • Rockered baseplate
  • Strap adjustments may be limited
  • Mellow flex

Avalanche Summit Snowboard Bindings Black Mens



This snowboard binding was constructed to be strong enough to hold up to the rigors of snowboarding. These bindings can effortlessly handle and adequately respond as they soar through difficult terrain and run past turbulence.

Adjustable for personalized fit: Different adjustment settings are available, such as the aluminum heel cups, the toe ramps, ladder and toe straps, and the toe and ankle straps.

Comfort fit: Various parts of the bindings are built to follow anatomical contour. These include the plastic baseplate and 4 aluminum tooth ratchets.

Excellent strap system: Various straps secure the bindings properly and can be adjusted quickly and conveniently without having to use any tools. These straps are made from heat molded EVA.

Highback: The bindings come with a highback, which is lightweight and equipped with overmolded EVA pad and cut out windows.

Adjust in deep powder: The bindings do not do well in deep powder. Snowboarder will have to revert to ratchet system and then leave the highback in position.

Non-adjustable backing: The backing cannot be adjusted fully to attain greater comfort and performance in some terrain. It will have to be kept in place when reverting.

These bindings are ideal for snowboarders of all skill levels, from an amateur to advanced rider. It can perform well in trick parks and all mountain riding.

  • Fully adjustable
  • Comfort fit
  • Excellent straps
  • Highback
  • Use ratchet system for deep powder
  • Non-adjustable backing