Did you know that when snowboarding, the fun factor can be affected if you have the wrong boots? This is the reason why need to find the best snowboard boots.

If you have the right pair of boots, it will provide you full control of the snowboard, keep your feet warm, and protect ankles and feet from the difficulty of high speed turns.

  1. DC Men’s Phase 15 Snowboard Boots
  2. K2 Men’s Raider Snowboard Boots
  3. Burton Highline Boa Snowboard Boot
  4. DC Karma 15 Snowboard Boot
  5. Thirty Two Groomer Fast Track Snowboard Boots

Best Snowboard Boots Reviews

DC Men’s Phase 15 Snowboard Boots



This snowboard boot from DC promises to get the job done for first timers and hardworking snowboarders as well. This product was designed with comfort, fit, and reliability in mind.

First of all, the design isn’t something you’ll miss easily, especially if you go for the blue and neon green design. These are definitely boots with an attitude.

The memory foam lining and UniLite inner structure make these boots pretty lightweight and comfortable. The fleece lining also makes sure your feet are never cold.

There are J bars that follow anatomical lines around the heel, making sure you don’t have to deal with tiring and uncomfortable heel-lift. The lacing is also direct and reliable; making sure you can get a customizable fit.

These boots also offer great flex that can stand up to some wear and tear. The flex pattern doesn’t get worn down easily even when used vigorously.

One of the most common issues people have with this particular product is the sizing. It’s recommended to go one size bigger because the sizes run a bit small.

Going up a size, however, can end up making you deal with pack-out issues as these boots are supposed to get bigger after some use. If you don’t want to end up having loose boots after 5 sessions, then pick a size that’s more than a little snug.

Overall, these boots would be great for newbie and even professionals for a season or two. They’re the not the best, but you get more than a little durability for an awesome price.

  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Eye-catching design
  • Sizing tends to run small
  • Sizing problems can make the boots pack out to quickly

K2 Men’s Raider Snowboard Boots



The Raider snowboard boots are K2’s product for entry level boarders. These are well made boots that can accompany snowboarders in their progress.

These boots are pretty comfortable and K2 doesn’t disappoint. The points of pressure that’s an issue around single lace Boas are eliminated, making the boots wearable for longer.

The product has decent flex on the medium to soft side, and offers adequate shock absorption. The Boa coiler also makes putting on and taking off very easy.

Decent foam liners and well-made outsole make for great insulation. They also fit great and have very comfy foot beds.

These boots also offer above average heel hold despite the lack of high end tech. The BOA system can really hold the ankle and heel well.

Like most BOA coiler boots, these have no adjustability on the upper and lower parts. You can’t customize the fit according to your needs and preferences.

Also, these boots are entry level, which means they won’t really stand against much abuse. The boots have a tendency to tear if you wear them for more than 15 days a year.

All in all, these boots are great at what they’re for, helping the beginner/intermediate boarders develop their skills. It’s not really for professionals, but it’s definitely worth buying for those starting out.

  • Comfortable
  • Great insulation
  • Above average heel hold
  • Not adjustable
  • Won’t stand against much use

Burton Highline Boa Snowboard Boot



Burton has come out with snowboard boots that have some handsome tech behind them. It promises comfort and performance at a fairly affordable price.

It uses the Boa Coiler System that makes taking them off and putting them on super easy. It has medium flex, perfect for new to intermediate boarders.

These boots also tend to be more comfortable straight out of the box than other brands. It doesn’t take a lot of “breaking in” for them to be worn comfortably.

It’s made of very light but durable material that also ensures warmth. It has reflective foil in the outsole which makes sure any heat generated will stay, and the snow proof gusset does what it’s supposed to do.

Burton’s shrinkage technology also promises a smaller foot print, shedding size and weight in the process. This means better mobility on the slopes.

However, these also tend to run very small (two sizes in some cases). Getting the right size might be a bit “hit and miss”.

The Boa system doesn’t have much adjustability since it cinches up all the way. You basically have to stick with however tight or loose the Boa System gets.

These boots would work well for many beginners, intermediate and even advanced boarders. They’re comfortable enough and give you everything you would expect or need from a beginner’s snowboarding boots.

  • Boa Coiler system offers no hassle when putting on or off
  • Comfortable even when brand new
  • Creates smaller foot print
  • Getting the right size can be tricky
  • Not adjustable

DC Karma 15 Snowboard Boot



These basic boots promise ease and comfort for newbies trying out the slopes. They’re supposed to look good and feel good despite the low price.

And these boots really do look good. The design is a real standout and comes with great color combos that are really eye catching.

It has memory foam combined with fleece lining, making it comfortable and warm at the same time. The classic lace up feature also gives more than adequate support.

These boots offer pretty standard shock absorption and have decent traction due to the well-designed traction patterns. Taking them on and off is also relatively easy despite the traditional lace up.

The Unilite outsole gives you a product that can hold its own against the elements despite being very lightweight. The design also helps keep snow from building up on the boots.

The boots, however, have poor flex retention. For more experienced snowboarders, they might end up feeling like you can bust a hole in them before the season is over.

Fitting can also be a bit tricky as they can be a bit too snug for comfortable snowboarding. It is recommended that you go up one size when buying this product.

Overall, these are great boots for beginners and they come at a great price too. They probably won’t hold up to the demands of advanced riders, but they’re worth the money if you’re just starting out.

  • Great design
  • Warm and Comfy
  • Lightweight yet durable
  • Poor flex retention
  • Fitting is not true to size

Thirty Two Groomer Fast Track Snowboard Boots



These boots are versatile and hope to be major options for all-terrain conditions. The design is stylish and is meant for new to intermediate users.

These boots tend to fit very well and the fast track lacing system makes it easy to put on. It’s not as much of a no-brainer as a BOA Coiler system, but it gets the job done quickly.

The fast track lacing system features four Lacing Zones that you can tighten and lock fairly easily. This feature makes it adjustable and customizable for the perfect fit.

A 3D Molded Tongue gives you a great fit and adequate heel hold. They’re also very warm and comfortable despite being very light weight because of the well-made foot bed.

The EVA cushioning offers adequate shock absorption. The rubber outer sole also promises durability and seems like it can withstand some abuse.

It doesn’t offer much flex retention however, and has a tendency to tear at the flex points. It probably won’t do if you intend to use the boots vigorously for an entire season.

The single mold sole also doesn’t give much traction on snow and ice. It also has a tendency to wear down easily against hard surfaces.

Over all, this is a great entry level product and gives you all the ease and comfort that you can expect from entry level boots. If you’re more after comfort rather than durability on the slopes, then these should be at the top of your list.

  • Very comfortable
  • Great shock absorption
  • Fast and customizable lacing
  • Poor flex retention and traction
  • Tends to wear down quickly