Standup paddle-boarding is easy to master so long as you have the right board and paddle. The best sup paddles help you steer your board and move in the water as efficiently as possible.

An ideal sup paddle should be lightweight yet durable. It should also be of the right size. The standard length of sup paddles is 10 feet, but users who are 6 feet tall and beyond should get paddles longer than that.

SUP Paddles Reviews

Super Paddles Adjustable SUP Paddle



Because it is easily adjustable, Super Paddles Adjustable SUP Paddle is great for all paddlers. It comes with a nylon blade, steel screws, and a carbon shaft.

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Alloy Adjustable SUP Paddle by SUP Supply



Alloy Adjustable SUP Paddle by SUP Supply is ideal for casual paddlers. It is heavy duty and easy-to-use. It is built with aircraft-grade shaft and tough nylon blade.

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BPS Adjustable SUP Paddle



Because of its strong design, BPS Adjustable SUP Paddle is a highly reliable paddle. It is built with a composite blade and an ergonomically designed handle.

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AHSUP-P4 Airhead SUP Paddle



Because it is lightweight, AHSUP-P4 Airhead SUP Paddle is easy-to-carry. It is adjustable – from 160 cm to 210 cm. Its shaft is made of carbon fiber with fiberglass reinforced polymer.

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Explorer Series’ SUP Paddle



Explorer Series’ SUP Paddle is an adjustable gear. From 67 inches, it is adjustable to 85 inches within seconds. It is rugged, and it is made with polypropylene blade.

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Solstice Adjustable Paddle



Solstice Adjustable Paddle features an ergonomic T-shaped handle. It is built to last. It is adjustable with a compression system, too. From 64L, you can adjust it to 84L.

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BPS Slider SUP Paddle



BPS Slider SUP Paddle is adjustable. It features a carbon fiber handle, nylon blade, carbon fiber shaft, and fiberglass blade. At 1.7 lbs., it is lightweight.

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AE2057 Advanced Elements SUP Paddle



AE2057 Advanced Elements SUP Paddle features a translucent polycarbonate blade. It comes with a rigid fiberglass shaft, which allows superior performance. It is portable and lightweight, and weighs 2.1 lbs.

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Surftech Adjustable Paddle



Because its aluminium shaft is adjustable from 67” to 83”, Surftech Adjustable Paddle may fit perfectly for all paddlers. It is strong, and it is made with an 8.5” blade.

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Solstice Composite 3-Piece Paddle



Solstice Composite 3-Piece Paddle comes with a compression system. It features an ergonomic T-shaped handle for a more comfortable grip. At 2.69 lbs., it is lightweight.

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A Glimpse on One of the Most Versatile Water-Sports: Stand Up Paddelboarding

Stand up paddleboarding (SUP) is a type of water-sports where the person stands on a board and use a paddle to move and push the board forward. With its other name, standup paddle boarding, stand up paddle surfing is relatively new though it is slowly creating its reputation in the water-sports community.

Historically, stand up paddle surfing is known to have originated a thousand years ago in Africa where people usually stand up on canoes and use a stick to fish, travel or even use it to stealthily attack enemies during a war. Some connect the history of modern stand up paddle surfing when Hawaii’s surfing instructors used to paddle around the waves to steer the board to their preferred direction.

Stand up paddle surfing is not widely popular though it is starting to be recognized in the water-sports community. With a number of places where stand up paddle surfing is possible, it is not surprising that this full body water-sport activity will gain attention from future stand up paddle surfing enthusiasts.

Standup paddleboarding provides several health benefits which makes it one of the most versatile water-sport. It initially improves balance and endurance and can also reduce stress and provide relaxation.

Advanced stand up paddleboarding combines power, endurance and balance simultaneously making it one of the best full body workouts for adventure-seeking individuals. This type of water-sport can also be considered as a good cardio workout.

Whether you want to try a new water-sport, relax while doing a low-level exercise or challenge yourself through vigorous water stunts and tricks, stand up paddleboarding is something you will enjoy!

What you need for Stand up paddleboarding?

There are a couple of sports equipment and gears you need before you can start your stand up paddle surfing journey. It is best to know what they are and how they are used to have a better appreciation of this enjoyable water-sport.

A paddle board is one of the most important equipment you need to have. This is where you will stand and paddle. There are various types of paddle boards available in the market and you want to make sure that you have the right size for your paddle board skills and body weight.

Paddles will be your next concern. Paddles are made from different materials from plastics to fiberglass. You need to make sure that you know the differences between the materials and the effect that it will give when you start paddling.

What you wear is also something you need to think about. For people who are interested in paddling on waves, it is highly recommended for them to wear proper sports clothes such as a wetsuit. You can ask your local sup shop personnel on how you can choose the best and most comfortable wetsuit for you.

. In some cases, life jackets are required when doing stand up paddle surfing. This is mainly for safety and security purposes. Some paddlers enjoy riding the waves and feeling the thrill of gliding around ocean waves which is why safety is always your main concern.

A leash acts as a tethering device between you and your paddle board. Paddle boards are relatively big so it is important that you are close to your board for safety reasons. Leashes are usually sold separately. You may want to ask your local SUP shop on which leash is best for your SUP needs.

Types of SUP Paddles and why they are important

Paddles used in stand up paddleboarding are made from different materials depending on its user’s preference and type of stand up paddle activity. It is best to know the differences of these paddles for you to have a better understanding on which paddles will be most useful for your paddling needs.

Recreational paddlers are best to use fiberglass paddles due to its value and performance. This type of stand up paddle aids in reducing weight while being durable in water. This is mainly recommended for beginners.

Paddles can also be made from wood and bamboo. These materials are known for their lightweight and renewable features. Paddles made from these materials are strong and provide a natural look.

Some paddles can also be made from aluminum and plastic. They are usually inexpensive though heavier and are sometimes cold to touch. On the brighter side, they are very durable and is good for those who want to add that “fitness” challenge to their stand up paddleboarding routine.

Carbon-fiber paddles provide the lightest and strongest feature among the other materials. This type of paddles is best for professionals and for those who spend a long time in the water. In addition, carbon fiber paddles cause less arm fatigue which is great for longer paddling period.

The materials used in stand up paddles are varied depending on the user’s budget and preference. Knowing their use will give you an idea to maximize the use of your paddles for your stand up paddleboarding experience.

Choosing the best SUP Paddles

Just like how important a suitable fishing rod for a fisherman is, the paddle that you will be using for stand up paddleboarding will affect your performance and paddling ability. Before purchasing an SUP paddle, it is best to know some factors that you need to consider when buying one.

Materials affect your performance. The type of material used to create your paddles will make or break your ability to paddle easily in the water. Aluminum and plastic-made paddles may be heavier but strong and the least expensive. Wood and bamboo provide a nice natural look for your paddles, are lightweight and do not conduct heat easily. Fiberglass and carbon glass paddles are known for their lightweight designs though a bit more expensive than other materials.

Cadence determines the speed and number of strokes you can do with your paddles. Low cadence paddles provide fewer strokes and may be good for recreational paddlers as well as those who want to add “power” for each stroke they make. High cadence paddles are for people who create progressive number of strokes to provide higher acceleration. These paddles are usually used by racers.

Size and length matter. The size and length of your paddles will be very important when doing a specific type of stand up paddleboarding activity. Touring, racing and high cadence paddlers must add eight (8) to ten (10) inches to their height while low cadence and surfing paddlers should add six (6) to eight (8) inches to their height. Fortunately, there are adjustable paddles that are now available in the market. These paddles’ length can be adjusted through a “lock” from its T-bar. There are some shops who provide custom made paddles which is best if you prefer a more “fitting” paddle.

Paddle blade size is also important. Blade size differs on the type of stand up paddleboarding activity which the person prefers. Surfing paddles are wider and provides additional power against the water. Cruising paddles, on the other hand, has smaller surface area which reduce stress in arms while paddling long distances.

The type of paddles that you are going to use for stand up paddleboarding will determine your performance and its effectivity. These things are beneficial for you to maximize the use of your paddles while combining fun and adventure in the water.