Does your old spinning reel take so much of your time to assemble? Avoid this frustration by getting the best ultralight spinning reel because it can be ready in a matter of seconds.

This spinning reel is sturdy, which makes it ideal for backwaters travel. It is quite comfortable to use and best for catching pan-fish and other small bait fish.

  1. Daiwa Ultralight Spinning Reel and Rod Combo
  2. Shakespeare Spinning Combo
  3. FyshFlyer Fire Premium Spinning Reel
  4. Piscifun® Light Spinning Reel
  5. Bestcompu® Baitcasting Fishing Reel
  6. KastKing Mela Spinning Reel
  7. Shimano Sienna 110 RD Spin Reel
  8. Telescopic Fishing Rod
  9. Spinning Reel Powerful 1000-5500 Series Spinning
  10. 2016 NEW Light Weight Summer Spinning Reel

Spinning Reel Reviews

Daiwa Ultralight Spinning Reel and Rod Combo



This ultralight spinning reel from Daiwa has a smooth multi-disc drag and ball bearing drive. It comes with a matching ultralight 5-piece, 4 ½ foot rod, test lines and lures in a hard ultra-compact case.

Shakespeare Spinning Combo



This ultra light rod power from Shakespeare comes in a complete, pre-spooled kit. It comes with a Powerbait trout design for higher chances of catching fish.

FyshFlyer Fire Premium Spinning Reel



FyshFlyer offers a lightweight spinning reel. It has a graphite rotor that ultra light, with an alloy handle/body. It has a compact design for simple, effortless casting.

Piscifun® Light Spinning Reel



Piscifun® spinning reel comes with engineered precision and cutting edge performance in a sleek design. It has carbon fiber drag system for smooth and consistent pressure when handling big fishes.

Bestcompu® Baitcasting Fishing Reel



This right hand fishing reel from Best Compu is ultra-light. Composite materials with high strength and durability are used to create a super stream line design. It comes with sensitive cast system.

KastKing Mela Spinning Reel



This light, powerful and smooth spinning reel from KastKing has a body from flawless, light-weight graphite. It has corrosion-resistant smooth, deep-race ball bearings. The aluminum handle is CNC-machined, interchangeable to left or right hand.

Shimano Sienna 110 RD Spin Reel



Shimano’s ultra light spin reel has a graphite frame, rotor and sideplate. The spool is of aluminum material. It comes with Varispeed oscillation and Dyna-Balance, with Super Stopper II technology that eliminates back-play and for instant anti-reverse.

Telescopic Fishing Rod



Eocusun offers an ultra light spinning reel made with high-density carbon fiber and epoxy resin. It is telescopic, with uniform stress and a comfortable hand feeling.

Spinning Reel Powerful 1000-5500 Series Spinning



The graphite body of this spinning reel from Piscifun is lighter than metal. The main shaft is of stainless steel and corrosion-resistant. Pinion gear system is precise.

2016 NEW Light Weight Summer Spinning Reel



Meili’s lightweight spinning reel comes with a gear ratio of 5.1:11 with an S curve oscillation system. It is ultra thin for a streamlined body. The metal handle is collapsible and interchangeable to right or left hand.

How to Select a Spinning Reel

Spinning reels are open-faced, fixed spool located along with the rod. In selecting your spinning reel, there are five things you need to consider.

Location – Your spinning reel should match where you are fishing. If you will be fishing in saltwater, you need one, which can withstand this environment.

Fish – The type of fish you want to catch usually dictates the type of reel you will use. For bigger fishes, you need a reel with enough capacity to fight the strength of these fishes.

Bearings – The quality of your spinning reel depends on the quality of your bearings. Bearings decrease the amount of vibration and noise, and they provide a smoother retrieve.

Construction – Spinning reel manufacturers have been constantly trying to make lightweight reels that people can use for long days of fishing while making them strong enough to fight the pull of the fish.

Comfort – Since most fishers spend entire day fishing, comfort is essential. You may want a reel that you can change from one hand to another.

How to Assemble a Spinning Reel

Assembling a spinning reel may be overwhelming once you receive your parts and they are all over the place. To help you get started, here is how you can assemble your spinning reel.

First, assemble the rod sections by bringing the female and male ferules together at a 45° angle and pushing them together.

Second, attach the reel by placing the reel foot in the reel seat. Screw the hood up or down to secure the reel seat to the foot.

Third, thread the line and through all of the guides. You need to make sure that the line is threaded under the line roller.

Fourth, you can now tie your lure, practice plug, or hook using an improved clinch knot. This knot should secure your lure into your line.

After completing all the mentioned steps, you can now properly set the drag on your spinning reel. This will make you ready to cast.

How to Maintain your Spinning Reel

Spinning reels are designed for long casts, but the line can sometimes twist, break or loop. Here are some steps to take to make the line your spinning reels trouble-free.

First, you will need to run your line through the guides and to the reel while the bail is open. It is also important to tie the line tightly to the spool.

Second, hold the line in between your fingers in front of your reel while winding the handle and putting the line on the reel.

Third, keep the pressure on the line in the reel’s front while filling the spool by turning the handle. You must keep the line stretched tight.

Fourth, you can use a swivel, especially if you are using inline spinners, spoons, and plastic worms. The swivel should be placed in front of your lure.

Fifth, you should now untwist the line and set the drag. Also, check your line for rough spots every once in a while.

The Advantage of Using Spinning Reels

The most popular type of fishing reel in the market today is the spinning reel. It is easy to see why this is the case. Below are some of the advantages of using a spinning reel.

Easy To Use – Spinning reels are easy to use. After assembly, you can cast it into the water and wait for the tug on your line.

Versatility – This is the most versatile reel as you can use it for different situations. You can use it in different bodies of water and catch wide variety of fishes.

Can Cast Different Types of Tackle Spinning reels can cast an assortment of tackle, including live baits and artificial lures. It only needs to pull the fishing line. It is most useful for light tackle.

No Backlash – Learning to fish on spinning reels is easy as it does not give any backlash and you can cast it under trees with overhanging branches.

Bigger Models – Spinning reels are originally designed to be as light as possible so it is easier to cast. However, bigger models available today are capable of catching big game fishes.