Are you looking for a new sport to get into? You may want to try out a water sport for a change. This list of watersports gives you a rundown of the top types.

You will be surprised that there is more to water sports than just swimming. Some types even bring aerobic or team sports to the water.

Basic Water Sports

Swimming can be competitive or recreational. One can go pool swimming or open water swimming in a stream, river, lake, bay, or ocean.

Diving is another top water sport. Those who dive competitively jump off from platforms or springboards into a swimming pool. Others may choose to jump from a cliff or waterfall.

Swimming and Diving with Choreography

Synchronized swimming involves at least two swimmers. This type of water sport combines swimming with ballet, gymnastics and other dance strokes.

Synchronized diving also involves at least two divers. Synchronized divers need a lot of practice because they have to be identical all throughout their routine.

Diving in the Sea

Those who wish to explore the beauty of the seabed while staying at the surface will enjoy snorkeling. They just have to swim with a snorkeling mask.

The more adventurous ones will opt to go scuba diving. A scuba diver goes underwater in a diving suit armed with a breathing machine and an air tank.

Combination Sports

Aerobics done in the pool gains ground as a fitness regimen. Water aerobics involves doing aerobics routines and using basic free weight equipment.

Aqua jogging is another easy water sport. It is ideal for those who are recovering from injuries as well as those who are training for cycling and running.

Underwater target shooting can improve your swimming techniques and breathing. It may also enhance your ability to focus on a target and boost your capacity to shoot with precision.

Team Sports

Water polo involves two teams with seven players each. The six field players try to throw the ball into the opponent’s goal while the goalkeeper tries to divert the ball.

Underwater football heightens the excitement of the most popular sport in the world by bringing the soccer action to the swimming pool.

Underwater hockey is similar to ice hockey. Two teams try to outdo one another in hitting a puck into the opponent’s goal.

Underwater rugby players slug it out by sending a ball into the goal of the opposing team. The ball is negatively buoyant and filled with saltwater while the goal is placed at the bottom of the pool.

Outdoor Adventure

White water rafting can be done in a man-made course or in a river. This traveling sport is more adventurous when done in a river with unpredictably turbulent waters.

Water skiing is usually done in the sea. It involves a skier onboard one or a couple of skis. A motorboat pulls the ski and guides the skiing direction.

Rowing Sports

Flatwater racing is done on calm waters using kayaks or canoes. This speed race is done in a straight line.

Sculling is also done in a straight line on calm waters. A scull, which is a long and narrow boat, is used by one or two rowers.

Dragon boat racing, on the other hand, is a team sport. It involves 20 paddlers who have to row in synchronization to power their dragon boat.

Riding the Waves

Surfing is the most popular wave sport the world over. Surfers use a surfboard to ride on the side of a breaking wave.

Skimming or skim boarding allows you to ride on an incoming wave while using a skim board. The skim board does not have fins and is smaller than a surfboard.

Windsurfing combines sailing and surfing. A windsurfer rides on a board that is connected to a sail. The board has to be at least 2 meters long.

Stand up paddle (SUP) surfing requires the use of a huge surfboard. An SUP surfer needs to stand up the whole time even when he is paddling out.

Whether for recreation or fitness, getting into a water sport is a rewarding experience for your health. Did you find the list of watersports helpful? Have you already chosen your water sport? Let us know in the comments section.