When snow covers outdoor sports arenas, it does not mean that you have to stay indoors.  There is a long list of winter sports that you can engage in so you can be active during the season.

Keep those muscles warm by engaging in winter sports.  Here are just some suggestions of new activities you can try.

Active Fun in the Snow

Skibobbing. If you want to have some winter sports fun but you have knee problems to worry about, you can try this sport. It uses skis with bicycle frames which is great for those who have problems with their knees.

Snow kayaking. This sport is almost the same as sledding.  You will need a paddle to steer yourself, although this time you are not going to do it in water.

Snow scooting. For enthusiasts of both mountain biking and snowboarding, this will allow them to do both sports at the same time.

Snow tubing. This is almost the same as lake tubing.  The only thing you really need here is a good grip, since your aim here is to keep yourself on your tube as you descend a snowy hill.

Snowmobiling. This is not going to give you as much of an adrenaline rush as the others, but this sport will let you enjoy exciting terrains and beautiful landscapes.

Sporting in Ice

Ice climbing. This is the winter version of rock climbing.  This sport developed from the need to cross icy patches while mountain climbing.

Ice diving. It’s just like scuba diving, although you will need to be extremely prepared for this as this will require special training due to the cold.

Ice karting. Since the track used for this is frozen, the wheels of the karts usually have spikes on them, which help with giving an extra grip on the ice.

Ice surfing. This is much more dangerous than wind surfing because the ice surface helps increase your attainable speed by up to seventy miles per hour.

Ice yachting. A hybrid of sailing and wind surfing, this sport is played in frozen lakes, with runners underneath the boats serving as ice blades to help them glide.

Shark ice fishing. Ice fishing sharks is something done in most Nordic countries, most commonly in the Danish territory of Greenland.

Winter Races

Snocross. Basically, this is the sport of using motocross on snowy terrain. Snowmobiles are used instead of motorcycles in this race.  It is a very entertaining sport to watch.

Horse skijoring. The sport of skijor that involves being pulled by either a sled dog or a snowmobile, has been around for a long time. This new version uses horses.

The horses pull the snowmobile at great speeds that are enough to allow it to do tricks such as long jumps.

Ice luge. A popular sport in Lake Michigan, players would race in a track that is 850 feet long, reaching top speeds of thirty miles per hour.

Shovel racing. This sport actually exists outside of the Christmas movies you watch at home. People in New Mexico have been shovel riding in the holidays for more than thirty years.

Wok racing. You can always race with a wok if you do not feel like using a typical shovel. Former Olympic athletes are known to play this sport for fun.

Sky and Snow

Speed flying. This is paragliding and skydiving combined. Skiers would wear parachutes while they descend mountains with the help of skis.

Kite skiing. If you think speed flying is too dangerous for you, you can always opt to do kite skiing.  This is a sport that has been in existence since the Second World War.

If you are looking for a new sport to try this winter, you can choose any of the suggestions in this list of winter sports.   If you have any more suggestions, leave them on the comments section.