Anyone looking for a used ocean kayak for sale has plenty of options to choose from, but finding the right one can be a difficult task. In this review, we will look at the frenzy kayak from ocean kayak, a small and lightweight kayak that is able to match some of the longer models from ocean kayak. Both beginners and seasoned kayakers will find a lot to love in the ocean kayak frenzy.

In this ocean kayak frenzy review, we will cover all the vital statistics concerning the frenzy kayak from ocean. We have broken this review down into different sections, so you can quickly find the most important information for your needs. And now, on with the ocean kayak frenzy review.


The frenzy kayak from ocean is designed for a single occupant. It is small and lightweight, weighing in at just over 40 pounds, and with 9 feet between bow and stern. However, don’t let its small stature put you off. The ocean kayak is remarkably stable when in the water, and in spite of its small stature, it is capable of holding up to 325 pounds of cargo.

While the body of the kayak might be small, the seat itself is perfectly comfortable to use. There is also an adjustable footrest that enables you to set up this ocean kayak whichever way is most comfortable for you.

The inclusion of carrying handles further adds to the portability of the frenzy kayak. Anyone who regularly needs to transport and carry their kayak unassisted will appreciate the steps that ocean has taken to make the frenzy such a portable kayak.


Now, let’s review each of the key features of the frenzy kayak in more detail.

  • Seating: It might sound like a simple thing, but anyone who has experience riding a kayak can tell you that having a comfortable seat will make all the difference. The ocean frenzy kayak is a single-seater kayak, and therefore, contains only a single adjustable seat. You can easily adjust both the seat and the footrest in order to obtain maximum comfort.
  • Handling: When you are riding the frenzy kayak through flat water, it is one of the smoothest rides around. This is in part thanks to the smart hull design, which features a tri-form hull. But it is also a result of the same fantastic design that defines the kayaks from ocean kayaks. Despite the relatively small 9 feet length between bow and stern, this kayak handles with all the stability and elegance of a much larger option.
  • Body: The tri form hull of the frenzy kayak is a fantastic example of excellent hull design. The hull is strong and sturdy and enables the kayak to glide through flat water like it’s nothing. In rougher waters, you will begin to feel the limits of a kayak of this size, but it will serve you well in most situations.
  • Portability: Having a portable kayak is always useful. Even if you usually go out with other people, and prefer a larger multi-seater option, it is still worth having access to an individual kayak that can easily be transported if you need to. The frenzy kayak from ocean features carrying handles, and a lightweight hull design that makes it as easy as possible to transport.

How Does It Handle?

The ultimate test of any kayak is how it handles when it is out on the water. Fortunately, we can report that the ocean kayak frenzy handles exceptionally well. Like other relatively small kayaks, it is best suited to relatively calm and flat water. However, if things do pick up a bit, you can still depend upon this kayak to see you through.

In fact, we have found that the ocean kayak frenzy handles significantly better than we would expect from most 9 feet long kayaks. There are a number of reasons for this, the aforementioned hull design no doubt plays a significant role. But the ease with which the rider can adjust their seating position to ensure maximum comfort and efficient operation is also an important factor.

Buying Options

Many people today head straight to when they want to purchase a kayak, whether new or second-hand. However, there are lots of options out there. You can find a used ocean kayak for sale relatively cheap these days. Whether you purchase the ocean kayak frenzy new or used, you should find that it serves you well for a long time.

If you are looking for a beginners’ kayak for yourself or someone else, the frenzy kayak from ocean is a fantastic choice. Not only will this kayak easily see beginners through their training, but once they have developed their skills, they will still find that the frenzy kayak has a lot to offer.

In Summary

So, what does all of that mean for the ocean kayak? As with any kayak from ocean, this is a high-quality kayak. But unlike many other models of kayak that ocean sell, this one is equally suitable for beginners and finishers alike. While it’s only 9 feet in length, the frenzy handles just as well as a much larger kayak.


  • Stability: You can count on the frenzy kayak to remain upright in all waters, thanks in large part to the tri-form hull that ocean has opted for.
  • Good storage space: Despite being only 9 ft in length, the kayak frenzy from ocean still offers plenty of storage space. A highly efficient bungee system ensures that all cargo is kept secure.
  • The ideal size: Coming in at 9 feet in length and weighing just 44 pounds the frenzy ocean kayak is a fantastic kayak for people with relatively limited storage space at home, and who need to regularly carry their kayak themselves.
  • Easily adjustable: There are four different ways of adjusting the seat in the ocean kayak frenzy, and you can also adjust the footrests for maximum comfort. This is useful if you’re finding 9 feet of space a little cramped.
  • Durable: The overall build quality of the frenzy is fantastic. This is a sturdy kayak that you can absolutely count on to survive the stresses and strains of regular use.
  • Comfort: Larger riders might find the seat to be a little snug, but other than that, it is pretty much universally agreed that this is one of the most comfortable rides around.


  • Narrow-body: While we find the ocean kayak frenzy to be a perfectly comfortable kayak to use, some people will find it to be too narrow.
  • Awkward for tall people: If you are naturally a very tall person, you may well find that the ocean kayak frenzy is just not suitable for someone of your dimensions. The adjustable seat and footrest can only go so far towards mitigating the 9 feet you have between the bow and stern.
  • It will only take you so far: The ocean kayak frenzy is a fantastic beginner kayak, and it will easily serve you for some time beyond this point. However, if you want a truly advanced kayak then you are going to have to upgrade at some point in the future.

The ocean kayak frenzy is a fantastic option all round. Its size might put some people off initially, but trust us, this kayak packs the punch of a much larger model.  Once you have adjusted the seat and footrest to suit your preferences, you will find this a comfortable, stable, and reliable ride.

Whether you choose to purchase the frenzy kayak from or directly from ocean kayaks, this is an excellent kayak to seek out for both beginners and more advanced users. If you look around, you should be able to find some fantastic deals on a used frenzy ocean kayak – there are few other options that can provide the same value as far as beginner kayaks are concerned.