Hey there! Welcome to my best darts cabinet review for 2023.

Why choose something I recommend?

Because I spent almost 10 hours searching Amazon and an entire weekend testing different cabinets and boards just to justify spending money on “that stupid darts game” to my wife!

It’s a lot easier to get $100 out of our shared account when she sees you putting in real work instead of just quarantine-boredom shopping.

After hours of throwing darts, I’m going to share my experiences so you can find the perfect cabinet without risking a total let down. You don’t want to know how bad most of the cabinets I tested were…

If You’re Going to Buy a Dart Board, There’s No Reason NOT TO BUY A QUALITY CABINET!

And I found out the hard way…


…I was in a lot of trouble.

My wife already wasn’t happy with me spending $100 on a dart board or all the fancy darts that I bought.. Let alone the fact that it was an eyesore sitting in the middle of the downstairs wall. By the way, we have a finished basement – not one of those horror movie ghost dungeons.

And of course, like any guy would, I invited my friends over for a few drinks to try it out. I always thought dart boards were an excuse to hang out with friends – not really a sport or anything.

We tried to get the darts into the red spot. We REALLY DID. But it’s A LOT harder than it looks on TV.

Anyways, my half asleep self didn’t have a good excuse for our basement looking like the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre. So I texted my buddies: “Don’t think darts is happening again, guys. The wall is destroyed”.

That’s when a friend of mine said: “Why don’t you just get a cabinet? It’ll look great and protect the wall from permanent damage”.

Genius! Why didn’t I think of that?

After begging for another chance (And a bit more spending money!), I was off to find the perfect darts cabinet.

So what happened?

The first cabinet I got was flimsy and the particle board was so obvious that it just felt tacky. So I tried a few sets (cabinet + board). A few of them were decent (I’ve included them here), but I found that buying the set and board together means you have to sacrifice a bit of quality.

In the end, I settled on a super sturdy, badass-looking cabinet – and IT CHANGED EVERYTHING.

Now that eyesore is a basement centerpiece. Our downstairs looks REGAL. People actually ask us where we got it and how much. That’s how good it looks. And not only is the wall 100% safe from my misguided darts, all the damage from before is completely covered. No harm, no foul!

Lesson learned.

If you’re going to get a dart board, there’s NO REASON NOT TO BUY A SOLID, HIGH-QUALITY CABINET!

Just make sure you don’t waste your money on a flimsy cabinet with a hand-me-down dart board. You’re better off getting one of those mats for kids with the magnetic darts – at least you’ll save money.

Best Dart Cabinets 2023: My Top 10 Picks

TLDR; Here are the 10 best dart cabinets in 2023:

  1. EastPoint Sports Belmont Bristle Dartboard and Cabinet – The Best Overall Darts Cabinet
  2. Barrington Collection Bristle Dartboard Cabinet – The Best of the Best Darts Cabinet
  3. Viper Hideaway Cabinet – The Best Cheap Option
  4. Viper Stadium Cabinet & Shot King Sisal/Bristle Dartboard – The Next Best of the Best (Cheaper than #2)
  5. Trademark Gameroom Walnut Dartboard Cabinet Set – The Cheapest Cheap Option
  6. Arachnid Bullshooter Marauder 5.0 – My Favorite Electronic Dartboard Cabinet
  7. DMI Sports Deluxe Dartboard Cabinet Set – A Great Gift Set
  8. Han’s Delta Bristle Board – Feels Like a Saloon
  9. Arachnid Bullshooter Cricket Maxx 1.0 – The Best Electronic Dartboard Cabinet
  10. Viper Hudson Dart Center – Straight Out of Old Vegas

#1 EastPoint Sports Belmont Bristle Dartboard and Cabinet – The Best Overall Darts Cabinet

When it comes to pure value, nothing beats the EastPoint Sports Belmont set. Nothing.

An authentic, stylish cabinet that looks great and protects your wall? Check.

Professional quality bristle board that lasts years? Check.

Complete set so you, your friends, and family can play? Check.

I literally have no idea how this thing costs so little. I felt like I was playing in the pub the whole time, except drinks were 80% cheaper and I didn’t have to tip anyone. If you just want something that looks great, plays like a pro board, and doesn’t break the bank, this is the perfect board for you.

Every other board I tested at this price point had major flaws. This one has none, and I played for hours on it.

The best part? It hangs up in about 10-15 minutes flat. It’s not the best cabinet or the best board, but it’s definitely the best value for money. Feel free to spend $100 on another cabinet, but you’ll be lighting money on fire. If you’re a pyromaniac, be my guest. If not, just get this one.

If you want the absolute BEST QUALITY, then keep reading and be ready to spend a lot more. All depends on your budget.


  • Insane value for this price
  • Easy installation
  • Wolverine-like self healing
  • No major flaws


  • NONE

Check price on Amazon

#2 – Barrington Collection Bristle Dartboard Cabinet – The Best of the Best Darts Cabinet

The EastPoint Sports board feels like you’re playing in the pub.

This bad boy makes you feel like you’re playing in the big leagues, ESPN cameras all around and sponsors begging to get their hat on your head.

OK, slight exaggeration but hear me out.

This is an official-sized, tournament-quality board in a solid wood cabinet. This isn’t a dartboard – it’s a room’s centerpiece. It’ll instantly class up your man cave, living room, or basement.

And the board is actually self-healing, meaning it returns to form after the darts penetrate the surface. That means the darts ACTUALLY stick PLUS the board doesn’t wear down over time as easily. It reminds of the T-1000 from Terminator 2: You keep shooting it, but he just comes back to form and never dies.


Bristle dart board

It outperformed every other board in a few key places:

  • Wolverine Sisal Bristle: Near instant self-healing. Professor X would be proud.
  • Solid Wood Cabinet: Looks and feels like something James Bond would keep in his study. The outside is pine veneer, but nobody will notice.
  • Pro-Quality Darts: The darts actually grip and fly like tournament darts, so they actually go where you throw them and stick. I don’t know about you, but my end goal is to have fun playing – not scream when my darts go halfway across the room.

Now for the downsides.

For one, it smells a bit. Something about the finish is my guess, but I don’t know for sure. If I were you, I’d let it air out a few days before putting it in the living room. It’ll be fine in the basement though.

And of course, the price. It’s NOT CHEAP. But why should it be? It’s an ESPN tournament-quality board with pro-level darts. I’m surprised it doesn’t cost more! If it’s out of your price range, skip now to #4 for a much cheaper alternative that provides nearly the same playing experience.


  • Tournament level experience
  • The best bristle board
  • Professional quality darts


  • Expensive
  • Smells a bit at first

Check price on Amazon

#3 – Viper Hideaway Cabinet – The Best Cheap Option

The Viper Hideaway is the only wound paper board I’ll ever recommend. I almost never recommend “cheap products” to anyone, but this really broke the mold.

Out of all the “cheap” options, this is the only board that actually felt close to a pro-quality bristle board, and the only cabinet that didn’t look like a ghost town saloon 100 years after everyone abandoned town for greener pastures.

And it all comes a decent amount cheaper than the top 2 cabinets on my list. If you’re really on a budget but still want a “good enough” board for friends and family, this is your cabinet.

NOTE: Wound paper does not “self heal”, meaning every hole you put in the board stays there. Over time, basically all of your darts will fall out and there won’t be any space for new throws. Get what I mean? So I can’t recommend this for any type of “serious” or “long-term” play.

So who is this board for?

I highly recommend this cabinet set for 2 types of shopper:

  • Budget Shoppers: Need to get something decent and save a few bucks? This is perfect.
  • One-Off Users: Need something for a party? This is perfect for that too. It’s cheap, decent quality, AND it comes with both cricket and “baseball” (It’s reversible). Baseball is a super fun party game that you can’t get bored of. Just plan on throwing it out after people stab it all night.

VERDICT: This is a decent cheap board that will save you a few bucks and give you a decent darts experience. Perfect for a one-off party, but definitely not for anything “serious”.


  • Good value for the price
  • Good for parties
  • Baseball!


  • Weak wound paper
  • No self healing

Check price on Amazon

#4 – Viper Stadium Cabinet & Shot King Sisal/Bristle Dartboard – The Next Best of the Best (Cheaper than #2)

The Viper Stadium is very close to the Barrington board, but it’s about 40% cheaper.

If you want a pro-quality experience and classy piece of furniture, but don’t have the money to shell out for a high-end board (Tough getting that money from the account!), this will save you a few bucks.

The board isn’t T-1000 level for self healing, and the cabinet isn’t all solid wood, but everything else is nearly as good. Honestly, after an hour or so, I couldn’t notice the difference. You’ll get a near tournament quality board, and none of your guests will know the back of it is plastic. So who cares, right?

Let me sum this one up for you quick:

  • The darts actually stick and the board heals very well
  • The cabinet is nearly solid wood so it looks high-class (except the back, which no one will see)
  • The darts look and grip like a pro darts, so you’ll get tighter, more accurate throws
  • The board is pro-sized so it looks like you’re playing in the pub

And this all comes at a 40% discount. If you want near tournament quality but don’t want to spend high-class money, this is a perfect substitute for #2.

You’ll notice a few more pop outs and less healing over time, but in the end, this isn’t your career, right? Why not save some money?


  • Solid wood look and feel
  • Pro darts
  • More affordable than other boards


  • Not as sticky as others
  • Looks solid but isn’t (does it matter, though?)

Check price on Amazon

#5 – Trademark Gameroom Walnut Dartboard Cabinet Set – The Cheapest Cheap Option

If you’re looking for the absolute cheapest option that’s still passable, behold! The Trademark Gameroom Dartboard Cabinet.

It actually looks nice and plays decently well considering it’s wound paper, and it costs next to nothing. So why not?

Be very careful with cheap dart cabinets. Most of them are impossible to play on. The darts are flimsy, the board isn’t sticky, and the cabinet falls apart in days. This one did just fine, though. I wouldn’t risk going this cheap with any other cabinet.

I didn’t have many issues with the darts at all, and the magnets on the door actually held it shut (most cheap cabinets warp and fling open at night). I’m warning you: Your darts will pop out WAY MORE THAN YOU WANT THEM TO. So better keep your emotions in check.

But for the price, you really can’t beat it. It plays like a cabinet set 25%-30% more expensive than it actually is.

Who it’s for:

  • Perfect for young kids
  • Perfect for absolute beginners
  • Perfect for a one-off party

The downsides are obvious. It’s particle board not wood. It’s wound paper not bristle. It’s cheap darts not pro ones. But at this price, you can’t complain. If you’ve got the money, then spend it on something better. If you’re on a budget or just want something for your kids or guests to destroy, go right ahead.


  • Extremely cheap
  • Good for kids


  • Particle board
  • No self healing
  • Frequent pop outs
  • Looks cheap

Check price on Amazon

#6 – Arachnid Bullshooter Marauder 5.0 – My Favorite Electronic Dartboard Cabinet

The Arachnid Bullshooter 5.0 is my favorite electronic dartboard, and the only electronic product good enough to make my top picks.

Unlike pretty much every electronic board ever, the darts ACTUALLY STICK TO THE BOARD, so you actually enjoy playing instead of screaming bloody murder every time your darts pop out.

My throws stuck about 99% of the time. Other reviews agree – most say 98% or 99%. That’s almost unheard of in an electronic board at this price point.

If you’re just looking to play for fun, this is a safe, convenient, super fun cabinet with integrated wood doors so it looks like a real piece of furniture when closed.

Why go for electronic instead of classic?

  • 100% Safe: Soft tip darts mean nobody loses an eye and you don’t Al Capone your walls.
  • Auto Scorekeeping: Sorry but I stopped doing math after I graduated high school. Not going to tell you the year, though. I love how the board tallies the score automatically.
  • Games. Games. Games: You’ll have fun playing games you don’t even know exist yet. This guy comes with 34 different games, so it’s perfect for a big party.

Now for the downsides.

This board isn’t the best quality and the electronics were a bit wonky. Not sure if that’s something about the model or just the one that I tried. Still annoying though. It’s not regulation size either (only 13’5).

It’s on this list because you can actually play on it and have fun. That’s really what matters for electronic boards. Be warned!


  • Electronic so very safe
  • Games on games on games
  • Auto scorekeeping


  • Small board
  • Darts aren’t so good
  • No professional atmosphere

Check price on Amazon

The Best of the Rest

Those 6 were my top picks for the vast majority of readers.

But if none of them hit a bullseye (see what I did there?), then maybe you’ll find something here you like.

#7 – DMI Sports Deluxe Dartboard Cabinet Set – A Great Gift Set

The DMI Sports Deluxe is a solid all around board – looks great (lovely rosewood finish), sticks well, and the darts are “good enough that you don’t think they’re cheap” quality.

But it made this list for one reason: It looks way nicer than the price, so it’s a great gift.

Looking for a gift for your husband, boyfriend, or just good buddy (So you can go over and use it!), this is perfect. They’ll think you dropped $200 on it, and you’ll reap all the brownie points.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Composite Wood: The combo of steel, brass, and wood is stronger than particle board, so it’s sturdy enough.
  • Everything Included: It’s ready to go out of the box with 6 darts and replaceable chalkboard.
  • Easy Setup: You can install the screws into a stud and hang this board in 15 minutes. No worries.

It’s not the best darts experience, and not something I’d look forward to playing on every day, but if you want to give it to someone and save money, this is a safe bet.


  • Beautiful rosewood finish
  • Ready to go out of the box
  • Looks better than it is
  • Easy set up


  • Frequent bounce outs
  • Doesn’t heal well

Check price on Amazon

#8 – Han’s Delta Bristle Board – Feels Like a Saloon

Yeehaw, welcome to Tombstone, Arizona. Would you like a sasparilla?

Sorry, I had to.

The Han’s Delta is a dapper, ultra-stylish throwback to the Wild West that looks straight out of Oregon Trail. My basement was instantly transformed from a dark and damp man cave to an Old West saloon.

The furniture style MDF with black laminated finish is mint. You’ll love it.

If you’re looking for a cheap board that looks vintage, there’s no reason to spend $100 more on a super nice board when this one comes so cheap.

Now for the downside…

The board really isn’t that nice. It claims to be bristle but it’s definitely flimsy. And there’s very little self-healing.

It’s not anywhere near the quality of the other boards, but man is the cabinet itself super nice. Hell, if you’re feeling frisky why not just buy this one for the cabinet, buy a nicer bristle board, and stick it in there? Keep this board as an emergency spare.


  • Love the look and feel


  • A bit flimsy
  • Low quality darts
  • Nothing special at all about the board

Check price on Amazon

#9 – Arachnid Bullshooter Cricket Maxx 1.0 – The Best Electronic Dartboard Cabinet

The Cricket Maxx 1.0 is the big brother to the Marauder 5.0. It’s bigger, better, more advanced, and way more solid.

It’s also about WAY MORE EXPENSIVE. The scoreboard is way better and so are the darts, plus the board looks and feels better quality. If you’ve got the budget, be my guest.

Why is this lower on the list than the Marauder 5.0?

I noticed my darts sticking way more to the Marauder than to this one, and in the end it’s about playability, right? You actually want to have fun playing, so that’s priority #1 for me. Games, electronics, dart grip_that takes a back seat.

I didn’t think the step up in quality was worth the price increase. There’s just not that much of a difference.


  • The best quality board
  • Great scorekeeping
  • Tons of games


  • Not worth the price
  • Not as sticky as other electronic boards

Check price on Amazon

#10 – Viper Hudson Dart Center – Straight Out of Old Vegas

Last but not least is the Viper Hudson Dart Center, a board so suave it reminds me of a Rat Pack show on Fremont Street. I swear if you look at the cabinet and say “Sammy Davis Junior” 10 times fast, he’ll pop out and play a show tune.

You’ve been warned…

Seriously, the solid wood mahogany cabinet is scrumptious, and the Rat Pack style design feels regal.

I almost installed a cocktail bar in my basement just to complete the ambiance.

As far as the board and darts themselves, there’s nothing much to say. Just a solid board and a decent pair of darts. For me, this one is all about the look and feel. Not sure if that’s worth the price, though.

If you want that classic look and feel in your game room, get this one. If you want the best gaming experience, choose something else.


  • The most dapper cabinet on the market
  • Super solid and no warping


  • Expensive considering the low quality of the darts
  • Board isn’t anything special

Check price on Amazon


The Official NFL Dart Board Cabinet.

Behold, the ultimate fan cave addition: a darts cabinet with your favorite team on the front plus darts with the team logo!
This is an insanely awesome value for any NFL fan. Imagine throwing your team’s darts while the game is on. Just hope your iffy dart skills don’t jynx your team on 4th and long.

This is the perfect gift for any sports fan (yourself included). They’ll love it and get tons of value out of it for years. And even if they NEVER use it, they’ll still get a great game room piece that they’ll see every day. What other gift compares?

The board and darts aren’t anything special, but that’s not the point. This is about channeling your inner fanboy. If you’re a diehard fan or have one in the family, you’ve found the perfect cabinet.

Check price on Amazon

Darts Cabinet Buying Guide

After all my research and testing, the overwhelming majority of positive reviews focused on a few key points and vice versa.

So take my advice in this buying guide on what to look for BEFORE giving Bezos any more money. If you know what you’re looking for before buying, you’ll zero in on exactly the right board for you (and avoid wasting money).

Board Construction: Solid Wood vs Composite vs Particle Board

Are you a fan of things that look like kid’s toys and fall apart within a few weeks?

No? Cool, me either.

As a rule of thumb, the more wood the sturdier the cabinet. I highly recommend spending the extra money on a reliable one where the doors don’t sag, buckle, or break after a few game nights.

My first cabinet was made of particle board – big mistake. It’s fine if you’re on a budget and you just want to mess around a bit with darts once in a while, but if you want to actually play, a particle board cabinet will only cost you more money in the long run when you have to buy another cabinet.

Most cabinets are “composite” boards, meaning you get mostly wood mixed with some surprises here and there. Usually that means a finished “veneer” to make the board look nicer.

Again, totally fine in my book as long as the majority of the important stuff is wood.

Pro Buying Tip: Pay Attention to the Hinges

I’m not a woodworking expert, but every product I researched mentioned hinges. Now I get why.

If your hinges aren’t sturdy, the doors won’t line up and they’ll eventually sag and break. Good luck finding the right hinges at Home Depot and installing them. At that point you might as well buy another cabinet. Sift through the reviews and make sure you find customers mentioning the hinges. Like this:

dart board cabinet review

Cabinet or Set?

All of the products included here are sets, meaning they’re cabinets that include a board and darts.

These are way more affordable and convenient than buying a separate board. If you want the elite boards of the sport, feel free to buy them separately and install them yourself. But this comes with 2 big drawbacks:

  • Price: Purchasing a great board and a cabinet separately will be about 50% more expensive based on my research. Totally worth it, but I understand why that’s a dealbreaker for most.
  • Installation: Installing the board yourself isn’t difficult. It’s just tedious. First you’ll have to measure it to ensure a snug fit, then actually drill the thing in properly.

Here’s my advice:

Do you want the absolute BEST darts experience?

If so, splurge on an elite dart board and install it into a high-end cabinet.

Do you care more about the design than the gameplay?

If so, a cabinet set will do just fine.

Dart Board Material: Bristle vs Electronic vs Magnet

General wisdom states that you get a sisal bristle board, and if you get anything else, you’re a sissy.

That’s not entirely fair.

Yes, sisal or hemp bristle is the “best” material. Darts stick like butter, the board goes all “Logan” and heals itself so new darts stick just as good as the first time you threw em’, and they just look and feel like a pub league game.

But electronic boards have a few big advantages too. For one, they come with dozens of built in games so you never get bored. And two, the darts won’t ever destroy your walls or poke anyone’s eye out. It’s always awkward in the ER after blinding a friend, ya know.

Here’s what I’ve found:

  • Bristle: If you want the most authentic, pleasurable darts experience, get bristle. It’s worth the money. The darts actually stick, so you keep getting better and don’t give up.
  • Electronic: Great for families and big groups or for parties. They normally come with dozens of built-in games, so anyone can play. They’re also family and pet safe.
  • Wound Paper: Only get wound paper if you’re on a budget. Even when they say they’re “self-healing”, they’re really not. Paper tears and doesn’t repair itself, so you’ll eventually have to replace the board.


You absolutely want to buy something that goes up in about 15-20 minutes without requiring an engineering degree.

Count on at least a few holes going in the wall to get the board up, and make sure you’ve got a nice, solid wall stud for the screws to go into. You need a sturdy beam to support the cabinet’s weight.

NOTE: You’ll need a drill and screwdriver for pretty much any cabinet.

In my experience, the most convenient boards come with a “template”, so you only need to measure the distance from the bullseye to the ground, put a couple of screws in the wall, and hang her up.

Closing Thoughts

If I had to sum this entire guide up, I’d say this:

If you want the best gaming experience at a good price…

Definitely get the EastPoint Sports Belmont.

If you want the best cabinet set…

Get the Barrington.

If you want the best electronic board…

Get either of the Arachnids I recommended, but the Marauder 5.0 is the better value.

Whatever you do, do not just “roll the dice” on the most popular product on Amazon’s first page. Ask me how I know that’s a waste of money….

Happy darting, everyone!


Q: What dart boards do the pros use?
A: Pros use bristle dart boards on all occasions. Pro leagues, pub leagues, practice_professional players need high-quality boards with good stick and strong self-healing.

Q: What is the best electronic dart board on the market?
A: The best electronic dart board on the market is any one of the advanced Arachnid models.

Q: What are the best dart boards made of?
A: The best dart boards are made of bristle, and the bristle is usually made from hemp or sisal. These two materials provide the stickiest surface, and can self heal, giving them an extra durable lifespan.

Q: How do I keep my dart board from drying out?
A: You can keep your dart board from drying out by using a SLIGHTLY damp cloth, and placing it over a bristle dart board, then leaving it there overnight. The bristles will soak up the small amounts of water. Just make sure that the cloth is only damp, NOT WET. Too much water will ruin the bristles.