Welcome to our best darts review for 2023!

We tested over 50 sets of darts to bring you the best of the best based on price, quality, and level of play.

There’s no understating how important the right set of darts is. If you want to have any chance of improving your game (or winning your bar league!) you’ve got to hit the bullseye!

In this guide, we’ll cover:

  • The best darts to buy for beginners, intermediates, and pros
  • A quick and easy guide for choosing the perfect set no matter your budget or playing style
  • How to take your game to the next level

Ready, set, THROW!

READ FIRST: My Darts Journey

Some people are just born with darts in their hands.

Not me…

I always thought darts was just a bar game. You know, the drinking game that nobody actually thinks is a drinking game?

I don’t know how I got Shanghaied into joining the bar league, but as soon as I did I thought “DANG, I should actually learn how to THROW one of these things”.

ENTER: One of those flimsy plastic sets kids get on Christmas.

Why not? It was cheap. And it drastically reduced the chances of me losing an eye.

The worst decision I’ve ever made…at least darts wise…

I was throwing the things all over the place. And the ones that actually hit the board popped out half the time. It made me want to quit.

I swear I could have finished “War and Peace” before I could finish a round of Cricket.

But I’d already paid, so no way I was backing out now. I went to the league and they gave me a shiny set of tungsten darts to play with.

What happened was AMAZING!

I was so much better. The darts actually went kind of near where I aimed them. They didn’t fall in mid air or go darting like a shooting star off near the waitress. Thank god!

I still play every week, and I love it.

So what’s the moral of the story here?

The moral is the right set of darts not only makes you better at the game, it actually helps you ENJOY the game. And that’s what matters, right?

Who wants to fight with their dartboard half time or scream to the heavens about hitting the island (the scoring area) when they were aiming for a 20?

So, yeah…

If you get the wrong set – you’ll hate the game, get discouraged, and wind up flushing money down the toilet.

Get the right set – one that’s tailored to your playing style and level – and you’ll actually love the game.

That’s exactly what this guide provides. And NO, I don’t recommend buying any plastic darts.

Before we get into the meat and potatoes…. Here’s a summary for folks who are short on time.

So what are the best darts to buy for your needs? Let’s take a look.

We provide more details in the reviews of this post, but to summarize here is our choice for the top 14 darts to check out.

TL;DR – The Best Steel Tip Darts for 2023 Are:

  1. IgnatGames Steel Tip Darts Set – The Best Professional Darts (Perfect for All Levels)
  2. CC-Exquisite Professional Steel Tip Darts Set – The Best Bang for Your Buck
  3. IgnatGames Darts Metal Tip Set – The Best High-End Beginner Darts
  4. CUESOUL Tungsten Steel Tip Darts – The Best Tungsten Darts
  5. Fat Cat Bulletz Tungsten Darts – My Favorite Darts
  6. WINSDART Steel Tip Darts Set – The Best Heavy Darts for Beginners
  7. Harrows Wolfram Infinity 97% Tungsten Steel Tip Darts
  8. Accmor Steel Tip Darts (14 grams – 18 pieces) – The Best Darts for Beginners
  9. Centaur Steel-Tipped Darts (6 Pack) – The Best Steel-Tipped Darts
  10. Whimlets Professional Brass Darts – The Best Brass Darts (and the Best Gift)
  11. Viper Blitz 95% Tungsten – The Best High-End Darts
  12. CyeeLife Steel-Tip Darts – The Cheapest Darts on the List
  13. WINSDART Nonslip Iron Barrel Darts – The Best Iron Darts
  14. RED DRAGON Evos Tungsten – The Best Cheap Tungsten Darts

1. IgnatGames Steel Tip Darts Set – The Best Professional Darts (Perfect for All Levels)

Weight: 18, 20, 22, or 24g
Barrel material: Brass
Barrel size: 2.05” (5.3 cm)
Barrel texture: Strategically knurled, electro coppered finish
Shafts: 1.7 – 2” (4.5 – 5 cm) aluminum with 2BA slots
Flights: 1 spare each
Additional features:

  • Dart sharpener
  • Scratch-protective case

IgnatGames steel-tipped darts set comes in at #1, and after testing over 50 different darts, it wasn’t even close in my mind.

This set comes with a few built-in cheat codes to help you throw like a pro, even if you’re a complete beginner.

The knurled brass barrels let beginners master gripping with little to no training, and the flight design keeps the dart straight regardless of how wonky your form is. Even I hit a few bullseyes – and that’s saying something!

The level of control and accuracy is something that normally takes years of playing in leagues to master.

What really struck me, though, is how this is the only brass darts set that improves your game right out of the box AND challenges to improve your game.

The improved barrel grip makes it so easy to learn consistent hand placement – the #1 skill for improving accuracy. That’s something you usually only see in high-end tungsten darts (We’ve got those coming too).

Aside from how awesome the darts are, the value is unbeatable. This is by far the best value for money out there.

The price includes:

  • A custom-designed case to protect from scratches
  • Rubber O-rings so the darts never loosen
  • A dart sharpener
  • An awesome eBook “35 Ways to Play Darts” so you can start teaching your friends new ways to play the game

2. CC-Exquisite Professional Steel Tip Darts Set – The Best Bang for Your Buck

Weight: 22g
Barrel material: Brass
Barrel size: 1.3 – 1.9” (3.5 – 4.8 cm)
Barrel texture: Strategically knurled for greater control
Shafts: 1.3 – 1.9” (4.5 – 5 cm)
Flights: 12 in two different forms
Additional features:

  • 6 barrels
  • 12 shafts
  • 12 flights
  • 12 rubber o-rings

Ask any pro and they’ll tell you that mastering darts all comes down to personal preference. Grip, weight, feel, length – the dart should adapt to YOU, not the other way round.

Well, the CC-Exquisite does just that and then some.

No other dart set I tried gives this much choice in terms of barrel, flight, and shaft length. And all for the price of a few pints at the next bar league. It’s a full 3 times cheaper than most other comparable sets.

Instead of just 1 barrel, 1 shaft, and 1 flight – forcing you to adapt to the dart – you get 6 unbreakable brass barrels, 12 shafts, and 12 flights in two different shapes and designs. That means you can mix and match until you find the PERFECT set up.

Instead of buying 6 different sets and spending god knows how much, you can buy one affordable set and just experiment until you find what you want.

3. IgnatGames Darts Metal Tip Set – The Best High-End Beginner Darts

Weight: 20g
Barrel material: Brass
Barrel size: 1.97” (5 CM)
Barrel texture: Knurled brass for tighter control and consistency
Shafts: 1.97” (5 cm) aluminum
Flights: 10x spare

Additional features

  • Free darts game ebook
  • Sharpener included

I normally NEVER recommend cheap darts. If you want to know why, reread my story above.


This Ignat set is just too damn good not to recommend this cheaper set here.

First, these ain’t even that cheap. They’re half the price of the mega set in the top spot, but they aren’t Wal-Mart $5 DVD bin darts either.

Ignat has broken through my brass shield and actually created a high-quality product at a decently low price. It’s tough to shell out close to $100 for a weekend basement game, but if you get this set, you won’t have to. You might not even have to justify it to your Mrs. when she checks the bank statement. “Honey, I actually SAVED US $35. It’s like we MADE money instead of spending it”. Please don’t take marriage advice from me. Just buy the damn darts.

If you’re on a budget and just need a decent quality brass darts set for your “man cave”, a night with the kids, or for practicing at home, this is it. You’re getting the same quality of dart as my top pick (it’s the same brand), just without the extra bells and whistles from the top pick.

And it’s a huge step up from those plastic darts I complained about in my story.

Unlike most cheap darts, these come with a high-quality knurled brass grip for complete trajectory control and weigh 20g, so the darts are actually stable in mid air. Most cheap darts weigh less than air, so someone is bound to lose an eye (only half kidding).

I’m not saying you should take these to the next PDC event, but if you need something cheap, decent, and fun, this is it. Plus it comes with an extra dart sharpener, spare flights, and a sweet case.

4. CUESOUL Tungsten Steel Tip Darts – The Best Tungsten Darts

Weight: 26/28/30g (extra heavy)
Barrel material: Tungsten
Barrel size: 7.5mm/0.295″ (max.)
Barrel texture: 11 grooved rings for tight grip
Shafts: 46 mm/1.8″
Flights: 3 lantern/3 standard/3 alloy
Additional features:

  • Dart sharpener
  • 6 shafts

Welcome to the big leagues.

CUESOUL tungsten darts are like Hawkeye and Wolverine fusing into one superhero. That’s the level of accuracy and indestructibility you get with their ultra-tungsten darts.

Tungsten darts offer unrivaled accuracy (I’ll explain why below), and are nearly impervious to damage. And whereas most tungsten darts are 60-70% tungsten, these are 95%! That’s as close to 100% as you can get with darts or else they’d break!

The denser, heavier feeling in such a sleek package really made me feel like I was on a much bigger stage than I really was (I was in my basement…).

All pro players use tungsten. If you’re an intermediate or advanced player looking to level up to the big leagues, these are exactly what you need.

Why do professional dart players prefer tungsten?

Tungsten is extremely dense, so you get a heavier dart in a smaller package.

Why is this important?

For one, pros need razor-sharp accuracy, especially in league games. The thinner dart lets them throw more darts in a tighter area (EX: When they need 2 bullseyes to win).

Second, the denser material means fewer instances of darts popping out when the game is on the line.

They aren’t cheap, and you only get 3 darts in a package, but they’re the only darts you’ll ever need.

5. Fat Cat Bulletz Tungsten Darts – My Favorite Darts

Weight: 23g
Barrel: Tungsten
Barrel size: 2.0”/5 cm
Barrel texture: 3 knurled for extra grip
Shafts: 1.9”/ 5 cm convexy nylon
Flights: 3 high-speed replacement flights

Additional features:

  • Carrying case
  • Shaping stone

The Fat Cat Bulletz 90% tungsten darts set is my favorite dart set of 2023.

No other set rivals the comfort, balance, grip, and design. My personal favorite feature is that the barrel has the 3x knurling for extra grip, so you have maximum control over where the dart winds up (And it’s easier to keep a consistent grip).

I just feel like they help me beat people much better than me at darts simply because I can actually aim and fire the dang thing!

And another design perk is that the convex nylon shafts basically do away with ever having to retighten the O-rings during play.

So why are these your favorite instead of the 95% tungsten CUESOUL darts?

Good question.

For one, grip is the most important factor for me. I have sweaty palms and a not-so-steady hand. Anyone who struggles to get the darts where they want them to go knows the struggle.

Second, these are much cheaper but are still 90% tungsten, so you get nearly the same performance at a much friendlier price.

BONUS: 23 g is the ideal weight for my playing style. I don’t throw hard enough to accurately toss a 30 g dart every time, but 20g feels so light that I almost break the tip when I throw! By the way, I’ll show you a few tips and tricks for finding the PERFECT weight down below.

6. WINSDART Steel Tip Darts Set – The Best Heavy Darts for Beginners

Weight: 22g
Barrel material: Aluminum
Barrel size: 1.27”/ 45mm
Barrel texture: Non-slip Iron
Shafts: 2.2” aluminum
Flights: 24

Additional features

  • Awesome gift box

Next up are, in my opinion, the best darts for “serious” beginners.

WINSDART’s iron barrel darts set has everything you’d want in a beginner set of darts:

  • Affordability
  • Simplified grip for greater accuracy
  • Heavy but not too heavy weight

Plus they’re made of heavy-duty aluminum, so they’ll feel like a pro set but act like a beginners’. Nobody will know.

Let me just explain quickly why I think these are great for “more serious” beginners.

Heavier darts are harder to throw, but once you learn to use them, they’re way more accurate due to less wind resistance. And these come with an iron non-slip grip and extra rings that make it easier to throw with the same grip every time (and test the barrel to see which grip suits you best).

So even though these might be slightly harder to throw right away, they’ll improve your game exponentially after your first few games.

The barrels are a bit long and thin, and it’ll be tough to throw tight groupings. But let’s be honest – you are a LONG WAY OFF from worrying about how to throw multiple bullseyes. Let’s start with just getting on the board first, shall we.

So, yeah. That’s it, cut and dry. You’ll improve your grip, improve your accuracy, and it’ll look and feel like a pro set for half the price. And you won’t really see the downsides for months and months, if at all.

Plus, aluminum is a lot more durable than brass. Like, A LOT.

Anyone who’s used brass darts long enough knows that regardless of what you do, they get damaged. Either from overuse or popping out and hitting the ground (when the game is on the line!).

Hard to argue with the value here.

7. Harrows Wolfram Infinity 97% Tungsten Steel Tip Darts

Weight: 21 – 26g
Barrel material: Tungsten
Barrel size: n/a
Barrel texture: Supergrip fusion
Shafts: n/a
Flights: n/a

Additional features

  • Just look at the design, mate

You know when the lone gunslinger walks into the frontier saloon and the record scratches. Like, they know this guy means business?

That’s the Wolfram Infinity. The best dart design in the Wild West. Or, pretty much anywhere for that matter.

You walk into the pub and people take notice. It doesn’t matter if this is your first rodeo or you’ve got white knuckles and 24k gold in your buckle.

The color scheme and texture are BADA** and with 500+ ratings, they ain’t too shabby at stickin’ to the board either.

OK, enough of this Wild West theme.

Here are some important details:

  • Feel like a pro, even if you’re an amateur: The supergrip fusion design means it handles like a dream, so you can actually hit the board more often.
  • Complete control: 21-26g and tungsten barrels means this dart ain’t going anywhere except where you aim it.
  • TUNGSTEN: You know how the pros separate real darts from wannabes? Tungsten. Better grip, better aim, nearly indestructible – there’s a reason pro leagues use Tungsten.

Looks like a dream. Handles like a dream. If I had the chance to do it all again, I’d buy an expensive Tungsten set right off the bat.

8. Accmor Steel Tip Darts (14 grams – 18 pieces) – The Best Darts for Beginners

Weight: 14g
Barrel material: Copper
Barrel size: 2.9”/ 7.4cm
Barrel texture: Knurled copper
Shafts: 2.1”/5cm
Flights: 0 extra

Additional features

  • Easily replace broken parts with spare parts

Absolute beginner? Shopping for your kids? Need a cheap set for throwing darts at beer cans?

Boom. Done. Next.

Accmor’s steel tip beginner set is perfect for these following people:

  1. The “my kids just need to throw something around without poking an eye out” guys
  2. The “I just wanna throw some darts with my friends and not spend $100” people
  3. The “dart? What’s that? Can I just buy something that won’t snap in half until I learn this game?” types

These only cost a couple bucks, fly straight enough, and won’t break on impact. You’ll hardly notice the difference.

Everything about this design caters to novice players, especially younger ones.

For one, it’s the ideal weight – 14g is much easier to get the hang of as a newbie than the beasts we’ve covered already.

The grip is super easy to get used to and copper plating is a step up from the plastic ones you see at WalMart. In my humble opinion, this is a great “kids gift” that doesn’t really feel like a kids gift.

Now, for the #1 reason this is a great dart set for beginners: PRICE.

This is 10x cheaper than some of the sets I tested, and a full 50% cheaper than the previous “cheapest” entry. If you just want to get your feet wet without investing a ton of money – or need a gift that looks better than its price – this is a perfect starting point.

Don’t expect too much in terms of accuracy and performance, but it’s a great place to get started before upgrading.

9. Centaur Steel-Tipped Darts (6 Pack) – The Best Steel-Tipped Darts

Weight: 20g
Barrel material: Nickel-plated stainless steel
Barrel size: 3.22” (82mm)
Barrel texture: Aggressive knurl for tight grip
Shafts: 1.5” 2BA Aluminum
Flights: 6x in 2 styles (Poly dart flights – extra stylish)
Additional features:

  • Dart sharpener
  • Dart case

Centaur’s steel-tipped darts made this list for three reasons:

  1. They stick to the board like ice to the Dalton Highway in Alaska
  2. They never slip out of your hands
  3. I just love how they look

The stainless steel tips ensure your dart never pops out at the least opportune time, and the balance is exceptional. So the dart gets to where you want it to go and it stays there – sounds like a winning combo to me.

Lastly, for the players with sweaty palms (me!), the extra-deep knurling in the barrel helps the dart stay tight in your palm (just not as good as the tungsten darts above).

10. Whimlets Professional Brass Darts – The Best Brass Darts (and the Best Gift)

Weight: 6x 20 g and 6x 22 g
Barrel material: Nickel-plated stainless steel
Barrel size: 2.1”/ 5.33 cm
Barrel texture: Aggressive knurl for tight grip
Shafts: 1.3” or 1.5” 2BA Aluminum
Flights: 6x in 2 styles (poly dart flights – extra stylish)
Additional features:

  • Complete gift set
  • Dart case
  • Bottle opener
  • Key chain
  • Polyflights
  • Dart sharpener

Looking for a gift for a husband, brother, son, nephew, or anyone else who might want the best brass darts available? This is a great Christmas or birthday gift set all-in-one, and it’s totally risk-free! Whimlets offers a full 3-year warranty.

This Whimlets pro set is the perfect gift set. Don’t get me wrong, the darts are great. Unbreakable brass barrels with extra-grip knurling, stylish flights for greater accuracy, sleek aluminum shafts for balance – it’s all there.

But this is actually an entire gift set for one price.

This set includes:

  • 12 darts at 2 different weights so you can find your comfort zone
  • A custom case
  • A dart sharpener
  • Polyflights – you aren’t limited to just one flight. You get to choose from two designs to see which fits your throwing style best
  • A multitool that also functions as a bottle opener and keychain

11. Viper Blitz 95% Tungsten – The Best High-End Darts

Weight: 22 – 28 g (go heavy)
Barrel material: 95% tungsten
Barrel size: 2”/ 5 cm
Barrel texture: Knurled groove or ring in 4 styles (finely ringed, large knurl, shark finned, 5 banded knurl)
Shafts: 1.3” Aluminum spinster shafts
Flights: 6x wide glide shafts
Additional features:

  • Dart mechanic tool
  • Carrying case

Imagine if Rolls Royce and Tesla teamed up to produce darts.

Yeah, that’s how good the Viper Blitz darts are. No other set rivals the craftsmanship, technology, and presentation. This is the epitome of…

OK, OK, enough. They’re amazing though.

If you want the absolute best possible darts and most built-in advantages to win every game of cricket (And have some money to spare), this is it.

**Cue posh British accent**

Experience playing darts in luxury like never before:

  • 4 different barrel styles to get the perfect grip, right down to the texture of your hand
  • Oxide coated steel for an extra-sharp point
  • Flights so slim they launch a brutal blitz on the unsuspecting dartboard. I honestly feel bad sometimes
  • Aluminum spinster shafts that ROTATE FREELY, the best way to reduce bounce outs and improve accuracy

You even get a dart repair tool!

Honorable Mentions

I’ve covered pretty much all of the best darts available these days for every price point, level of play, and playing preference (no need to thank me!).

However, there are a few more that deserve mentioning. If nothing above appealed to you, check out these 3.

12. CyeeLife Steel-Tip Darts – The Cheapest Darts on the List

Weight: 20g
Barrel material: Brass
Barrel size: 1.9”/4.8 cm
Barrel texture: Silver PVD coating
Shafts: 1.9” 2BA Aluminum
Flights: 30
Additional features:

  • Lifelong email support

12 darts, 12 shafts, 12 barrels, and 30 flights all for about the price of a day’s worth of coffee at Starbucks ($5 for a matcha/espresso latte now?!).

CyeeLife is a well known brand, and a lot of my friends got their start throwing this name. And the 30 flights in different colors is perfect for anyone clumsy enough to lose all of their flights in one month (like I did the first time).

I want to stress that this is definitely a beginner’s set. Like, the kind you practice with at home for about a month before you upgrade. If you want to just get your feet wet, test out different weights, and hone your game before you drop some more dough on a better set, this is a good place to start.

13. WINSDART Nonslip Iron Barrel Darts – The Best Iron Darts

Weight: 22 g
Barrel material: Iron
Barrel Diameter: 8mm
Barrel texture: Non-slip
Shafts: 1.73” Iron-Coated Aluminum
Flights: 24x

Additional features:

  • Beautiful gift box

By now, you know my sweaty palms issue.

I don’t think I need to explain any further about why these darts made my list.

WINSDART, in an ode to heavy-duty industry, wrought these indestructible behemoths from iron to bring you an extra-tight grip, and an extra solid barrel.

The result?

Consistent grip, trajectory, and landing. The company even claims your accuracy could improve up to 30% just from using these darts. Not sure I believe them, but I definitely noticed a definitive bump in dart…ermmm…hitting the board.

If you’ve tried brass and tungsten, and haven’t gotten results with either, try moving to iron darts and see if it fits.

NOTE: I love the gift box too.

14. RED DRAGON Evos Tungsten – The Best Cheap Tungsten Darts

Weight: 22 – 28 g
Barrel material: Tungsten
Barrel size: 1.9”/4.8 cm
Barrel texture: Slim knurling
Shafts: 1.9” Plastic (my only gripe)
Flights: 3x
Additional features:

  • Carrying wallet
  • 1x Red Dragon Stems

Last but not least, let’s unleash the RED DRAGON.

Don’t let the winter camouflage design fool you, these tungsten darts bring the heat when it’s needed most.

I included these because, while they aren’t the best tungsten darts, they’re a lot cheaper than the other tungsten sets on this list. So if you want to have a pro set of darts at an amateur price, this is a good start.

The balance, accuracy, and grip are all solid, and you can feel the step up from brass in your hand as you aim the projectile. Something about that feeling makes me giddy.

And they’re still 90% tungsten, so it’s great quality. Their grip is a bit awkward if you ask me, though.

NOTE: They’re available in weights between 22 and 28g, but I highly recommend going heavy with tungsten.

A Guide to Buying Darts for Your Playing Style


Here’s something that took me a long time to learn:

Everyone has a different playing style. And certain materials, grips, shafts, or even flights have a HUGE effect on the end result.

Basically, what I’m trying to say is that the right dart for your playing style makes the difference between a bullseye or a lost eye. Make sense?

And a lot of new players don’t even know what their playing style actually is. So they buy some darts, suck for a month, and quit.

That’s no fun…

Here’s a quick guide to darts, along with some practical tips for choosing them.

First, How Do You Hold Your Dart?

Before you even start thinking about barrel material or weight, you need to find out how you hold a dart and what that means for your “pro career”.

Most rookies hold a dart like they hold a pencil, and keep their grip a bit far up the barrel. Some use 2, 3, or even 4 fingers.

I recommend holding it with 3 fingers in a firm but relaxed grip right in the center of the barrel.

Are you holding a dart right now? If you prefer the front, you should get a front-weighted dart. However, center-weighted is usually best.

Dart Weight – What’s the Best Weight?

Darts typically come in weights between 18 – 30 g, but it’s not uncommon to see weights as low as 10 grams or as high as 50!

Ok so what does that mean for me?

As a rule of thumb, heavier darts fly straighter and lighter darts require you to throw harder. Most players actually find some extra weight makes it easier to throw accurately because they can feel the dart more and there’s less chance of interference.

Test out your playing style by trying to throw naturally. Does it feel smooth or aggressive? If you like throwing with a lot of aggression, you could do well with a lighter dart.

Start at 24 g darts and get a feel for them. Are your darts going constantly above where you aim? You need something heavier. Are your darts falling down to the bottom? Try something lighter. Eventually you’ll find what works for you.

Dart Materials - What's The Best Dart Material?


For the sake of simplicity, I’m just going to cover brass and tungsten barrels, since those are the only two you should be using.

  • Brass – This is the more common (and cheaper) of the two. Brass is less durable and more subject to pop outs. Buyer beware!
  • Tungsten – The material for serious players. It’s more expensive but the denser material is more durable, helps you throw more accurately, and sticks in the board better.

Dart Barrels – What’s the Best Grip?

The different dart barrel grips are:

  • Knurled – The typical grip, usually in a criss-cross pattern
  • Smooth – Self-explanatory. I recommend a smooth grip if your hands get sweaty quickly
  • Ringed grip – Deep rings help with grip and consistent hand placement. I recommend it if you struggle to maintain a regular grip.
  • Shark fin – A cascading fin design. Looks cool, but I don’t recommend it. It’s hard to grip for me.

Dart Flights – What are the Best Flights for Darts?


Finally, let’s have a quick look at choosing the right dart flight.

Flights come in a lot of different shapes and sizes now, but the only two forms that matter to you are standard and slim.

  • Standard: These are best for heavier darts and steel-tipped darts. There’s a reason they’re called standard: They work in most cases!
  • Slim: The skinnier of the two, slim flights help reduce bounce outs and are better suited to lighter, shorter darts.

Here’s what to do:

Start throwing some darts. If yours are always sticking to the board with the flight angled to the floor, you need a heavier flight. If they’re constantly sticking in the board at a high upward angle, consider trying a slim.

Again, it all comes down to experimentation until you find the perfect barrel, weight, grip, and flight.

Dart Shafts – What’s the Best Shaft?

darts-shaftsDart shafts can come in a number of styles and materials and both contribute to the grip as well as change the flight by moving the center of gravity. While length is a factor, it’s a personal one that you just have to test. Materials, on the other hand, can be quantified.

Plastic or nylon shafts tend to be inexpensive and easy to use. They are very stylish since they come in a wide variety of colors and patterns. The biggest problem with them is that they tend to break particularly easily. This won’t be as much of a problem when you first start, but when you begin throwing close groups and your darts hit each other at high speed, you’ll end up breaking a lot of plastic shafts.

Aluminum shafts are much more durable than plastic/nylon and also are available in a number of colors and with several decorative elements. For newer hobbyists that are looking for a good balance of price and quality, this is generally a good way to go before dropping a major investment. The biggest drawback is that they can bend over time and tend to loosen during regular play. You can counter the second problem with rubber o-rings, but the first is just a fact of life.

Carbon fiber or composite dart shafts are more expensive than either of the above mentioned types, but are by far the strongest of the bunch. They will not break from regular use and don’t bend easily, so you don’t have to worry about your accuracy being thrown off by a misshapen dart.

Finally, you have spinning shafts. These do not affect the flight of your dart, but they are great to pull out if you’re throwing a particularly tight group. What they do is spin at the end to avoid hitting another dart entirely. A dart with a spinning shaft will, when hitting another dart on the board, spin out of the way and hit the board rather than deflect off into the air.

Top Steel Tip Darts – Wrap Up

It may seem like there is a lot to consider when buying new darts, and there is, but don’t get too bogged down into the details. As we mentioned above you’re likely going to buy a new set after you’ve gained some experience. And since darts aren’t very expensive it’s not worth spending hours debating about which set to get.

We suggest you read some reviews and then get a set that you think is good. Then you can start playing and practicing with them and upgrade as needed. Once you have a good set of darts you can also start thinking about buying a nice dart board. We cover the best dart boards so that you can find a great one to play with.

Not sure steel-tipped darts are for you? We’ve also got reviews on the best electronic dart boards as well as the best soft tip darts to go with them – have a look!

Dart Games: Rules and Tips

Now that that we’ve gone over some of the leading darts and also discussed what to look for when buying them it’s time to talk about the fun stuff. Mainly the games you can actually play once you pick up your new set of darts.

Originally used as a form of warfare, darts have certainly evolved over the centuries. First introduced in English pubs in the later part of the 1800s, darts has become an extremely popular game across the world. Some people play the game strictly for fun, but many play it as a competitive sport. In fact, there are several professional dart organizations, such as the British Darts Organization, in which members play the sport on a professional, competitive level.

Whether you are interested in playing darts merely for fun, or you are considering getting involved in professional dart playing, you’re going to want to familiarize yourself with the different games that are involved in this sport. Below, you’ll find a description of some of the most popular variations of dart games, as well as general rules, tips, and other helpful details about each game.

Top 5 Dart Games


Of all the variations of dart games, cricket is one of the most popular. It’s a fairly simple game to play, but in order to win, it does require some strategy.

Objective: The objective of the game of cricket is to close up all numbers from 20 down to 15, as well as the bulls-eye. In order to close a number, a player has to hit a number three times. The player who earns more points wins.

Scoring: To keep track of the score, a scoreboard with the numbers 20 to 15 is drawn. Every dart that hits a number is counted toward closing that specific number.

Playing: Players then throw all three darts, trying to close each number. The ideal strategy is to close the highest number first and close the remaining numbers in descending order.


The majority of professional matches are 501 and up, and it is the easiest of all games.

Objective: All players begin with a score of 301 or 501. The goal is to be the first person to reduce the score to zero. The final dart thrown has to land in either a double or on the bulls-eye.

Scoring: In this game, a bulls-eye earns a 50, the outer ring earns a 25, and darts that land on the double or treble ring is calculated as double or treble.

Playing: As mentioned, the goal is to reach zero. Should a player score more than the amount necessary to reach zero, that player “busts” and the score goes back to what it was at the beginning of the turn. The team who has the lowest score combined wins.

Round the World

This game is quite simple because it uses the entire board. It’s a good game to practice all other games.

Objective: The object of this game is to hit each number on the dartboard, in order, with a single dart, and to be the first to do so.

Scoring: Scoring isn’t necessary, so long as each player can recall the number they have reached and in what order they shoot.

Playing: Players start by trying to hit 1 first. When that is achieved, players try to hit 2, and so on, until all three of their darts have been thrown.


This game is intended for 3 or more players. In fact, the more players, the more fun.

Objective: The goal is to be the last person on the board with a remaining life. Each player is given a set of “lives” (numbers, and usually five).

Scoring: Players are assigned numbers and take turns trying to hit their numbers. Each dart that hits an assigned number receives a life; 2 lives are given for hitting a double, and 3 lives for hitting a treble.

Playing: When a player receives 5 lives, he/she becomes the killer until another player deducts lives from that person’s score. The killer tries to hit the numbers of other players. When they do, lives are deducted from the “victim”.


This game is fairly simple and involves using the entire dartboard. It can be played by as many players or teams as desired.

Objective: The goal is to try to earn as many points as possible in the span of 20 innings.

Scoring: Names of players are written across the top of a paper and the numbers 1 – 20 are written along the left side of the board in a vertical fashion.

Playing: Players take turns throwing three darts and try to earn the highest possible score in each round. The only number that counts toward a score is the number that is up in the round; for example, only 1 counts in the first round, and so on. Once all 20 rounds have been played, the winner is the person who has the highest score. You can also “Shanghai” opposing players. To do so, a dart has to land in the single, in the triple, and in the double of the targeted number in any order.


Q: Which brand of darts is best?

A: The best brand of darts is one of IngatGames, Fat Cat, or Viper. It depends on your budget and needs. If you want the best darts for playing at home, it’s IngatGames. If you plan to play in a league, Viper is the standard in pub leagues.

Q: What darts do professionals use?

A: Professionals almost always use tungsten darts or at the very least iron darts. This is due to their heavier weight and strong grip. They are a bit harder to throw as a beginner, but they are far more accurate, durable, and easier to grip.

Q: What gram darts do professionals use?

A: Professional usually 22-26 gram darts, depending on the game or particular need at that time. Heavier darts fly straighter, making it easier to hit the bullseye or fit into tight spaces in games like Cricket.

Q: Are light or heavy darts better?

A: For professionals, heavy darts are better than light darts. Lighter darts are easier to throw, so beginners often like to start with 18 gram darts to get a feel for the game. However, heavier darts fly straight, providing better accuracy. In general, you’ll want to start with light darts, then work your way to heavier darts of at least 22 grams.