Don’t ruin your party with darts that break, bounce out, or don’t fly straight.

I’ve ranked the 14 best soft tip darts according to price, quality, durability, and performance along with a quick and easy guide for choosing the perfect set for your situation.

Finding a quality set of electronic dart board darts is way harder than you think. If you choose the first one off the rack at the local supermarket, it’ll likely break, and you’ll be $50 poorer.

In this guide, I’ll cover:

  • The best soft tip darts according to skill level
  • The best for your budget
  • A quick and easy guide to choosing the best soft tip darts set and improving your game
  • The best overall

Soft Tip Darts Are So Much Better (OR ARE THEY?)

I need to clear something up before we begin. Anyone wanting to buy a set of darts needs to know this…

Electronic dart boards are WAY BETTER than the old-fashioned way. At least in most cases.

Sure, I’ll never go electric in a pub league, but if we’re talking normal home use, it’s not even close. I’ll never buy a traditional dart board for my house again. (But if you’re a fan of bristle dart boards, make sure to check out our guide to the best steel tip darts, too!)

Electronic darts are just more practical. Easier to play, your walls don’t get destroyed, everyone keeps their eyes – it’s a no brainer.


OK, so why do you hate soft tip darts?

It’s because they are a PAIN IN THE A**!

If you find a good set, you’re golden. But the vast majority are a waste of money.

Obviously, they’re generally made of plastic, so they’re less durable than steel. But come on, man. Breaking on the FIRST THROW?!?!

Yes, that actually happened.

And nothing was worse than the time I bought darts for football only to find out that they were allergic to sticking in the holes on the dart board.

Have you ever played a 2-hour game of cricket with belligerent Pats fans? LIFE PRO TIP: DON’T!

OK, enough doom and gloom…

All of my negative experiences drove me to make this review – to warn you, to save you money, to save you hours of yelling at spoiled football fans who’ve had a few drinks.

A good set of soft tip darts will make you throw so much better (and way faster!). They’ll be durable and come with plenty of alternative tips (covered in my guide). They’ll actually stick in the holes, making games fun and exciting rather than a fistfight waiting to happen.

I’ve tried these soft tip darts personally, and they’ve worked well for me.

I even felt like I was good… and that’s saying something.

The Best Soft Tip Darts of 2023

In my little journey of finding soft tip darts that are actually playable, I bought over 20 different sets and probably played over 750 games of Cricket with our team to test them out. No worries, the ones that didn’t break ended up going donated to the local bar.

Below you’ll find an overview of the 14 best soft tip darts that actually made the cut. I’ve also written up in-depth reviews on each below.

  1. Viper Astro (80% Tungsten) Darts – The Best Soft Tip Darts
  2. WIN.MAX Beginner’s Mega Bundle – The Perfect Beginner Set
  3. Viper Diamond (90% Tungsten) – Editor’s Choice
  4. Red Dragon Amberjack – The Cheapest Pro Level Soft Tip Darts
  5. CyeeLife 15PCS-Soft tip Darts – The Ultimate Party Set
  6. Viper Super Bee
  7. IgnatGames Plastic Tip Darts Set
  8. Viper Bobcat – Adjustable Weight Soft Tip Darts
  9. CyeeLife 17 Gram Darts – The Budget Choice
  10. Viper Sure Grip Soft Tip Darts
  11. Wolftop Soft Tip Darts (12/15 Pack) – My Favorite Style
  12. Viper Black Magic
  13. Viper Element
  14. Fat Cat Darts in a Jar

1. Viper Astro (80% Tungsten) Darts - The Best Soft Tip Darts

The Viper Astro 80% tungsten set is easily the best soft tip dart on the market. And after testing a few dozen sets, I didn’t have to give it much thought.

It’s like a PDC-quality steel tip dart, just with a plastic tip. I could barely tell the difference.

The reinforced “Tufflex” tips are as close to steel as you can get in a soft tip dart, so you won’t have to replace the tip after every throw.

But what puts the Viper Astro above the rest are its design cheat codes. Think of it as a shortcut to throwing like a pro.

First, the knurled barrels are engineered for precision grip, making it stupidly easy to grip the dart consistently every time. Beginners normally shoot a different dart each time, making it impossible to improve consistency and accuracy. These soft tip darts had the best grip of any dart I tested.

Next, the 80% tungsten barrels. That’s much more tungsten than a standard soft tip dart. The more tungsten, the better. Tungsten is so dense it allows for a slimmer dart profile, drastically improving accuracy. When your dart takes up less space, that allows for tighter groupings and fewer bounce-outs.

There’s a reason why pros ONLY use tungsten.

The overall value is unbeatable at this price:

  • Ultra-slim flights for faster throws and better sticking power
  • 12 extra tips so you don’t have to run back to the store
  • Shaft-locking holes so you don’t have to readjust after every throw

Weight: 16 or 18 grams
Tip: 2BA Tufflex
Spare Tips: 12
Barrel Material: 80% Tungsten
Flights: 6
Shaft Material: Aluminum
Additional Features:

  • Travel case
  • Dart repair tool
  • 3 replacement shafts

2. WIN.MAX Beginner’s Mega Bundle - The Perfect Beginner Set

Win.Max designed this set specifically for beginners.

If you want the perfect beginner’s experience at an affordable price, this is it.

Win.Max’s mega bundle is perfect for solo beginners or families with lots of rugrats.

100 replacement tips, 20 O rings, 12 extra tough flights – you should be set for life.

These soft tip darts aren’t pro-quality, but they’re pretty darn good. They don’t cost much but punch way above their price point.

Here’s why these soft tip darts are perfect for beginners/most skill levels:

  • Matted tips: Matted tips drastically reduce bounce-outs, so everyone can have fun.
  • Knurled/Deep-cut combo: Most darts only have one grip or the other, these have both. The darts effortlessly leave your hand and fly straight.
  • Nickel-silver barrels: It’s not tungsten, but it’s pretty close and less than half the price. You aren’t trying to play the Vegas Open, right?
    18 grams: 18 grams is right in the sweet spot. Heavy enough to fly straight with ease but light enough for beginners to control without practice.

Weight: 18 grams
Tip: Matte plastic
Spare Tips: 100!
Barrel Material: Nickel/silver
Flights: 12
Shaft Material: Aluminum
Additional Features:

  • 20 O rings and repair kit for easy dart repair (crucial for soft tip darts)
  • Extra thick flights
  • Flight protectors

3. Viper Diamond (90% Tungsten) - Editor’s Choice

The Viper Diamond 90% tungsten set is like playing in the big leagues.

They look, feel, and throw just like pro steel-tipped darts. And they cost 3 times less.

You can’t get much more than 90% tungsten. And 95% usually means a huge step up in price.

These have the slimmest profile, the tightest trajectory, and the maximum balance of any dart on the list.

I decided to give them the “editor’s choice” because of the unrivaled design, stability, and tight fit. You have to TRY to get a bounce-out.

And did I mention how AWESOME they look?

OK, if they’re so good, why are they not the #1 best soft tip darts?

Good question. Here’s why…

Balance and slim design aside, the Viper Astro (80%) has a better grip, and it was way easier for me to keep a consistent grip every time I threw.

I think if you’re experienced with darts, the Viper Diamond is a better choice. For the majority of readers, Viper Astro is better.

NOTE: These are available in either 16g or 18g, but I highly recommend paying extra for the 18g darts. 16g feels too light. It could just be my playing style, but in general, a little bit more weight is better for accuracy.

Weight: 16 or 18 grams
Tip: 2BA Tufflex
Spare Tips: 6
Barrel Material: 90% tungsten
Flights: 3
Shaft Material: Aluminum
Additional Features:

  • 3 extra shafts
  • Flight protectors
  • Deluxe travel case

4. Red Dragon Amberjack - Bang for Buck Pro Level Darts

If you want a step up from your typical plastic darts, the Red Dragon Amberjack set is the one of the cheapest pro-level sets out there.

It’s a big upgrade over the “just kid’s toys” darts, but still about HALF the price of the normal pro dart.

Here’s the weird thing about this set…

It’s got EVERYTHING pro soft tip darts have – knurled grip, hardcore extra-thick flights (for accuracy), 90% tungsten alloy for fit and balance – but they still barely cost anything.

At this price, I 100% expected them to snap on impact or at the very least bounce out.


The only issue is that the set doesn’t come with much else except the darts. And the knurled grip is nearly as good as the Viper darts.

But if you want an awesome set of soft tip darts for about half the price of a typical set, I highly recommend these. They feel and handle like solid steel tip darts.

NOTE: I really don’t like the colors. But if you like orange, you’ll probably love these darts. Something just irks me about them.

Weight: 18g
Tip: 2BA
Spare Tips: Cost extra
Barrel Material: 90% tungsten
Flights: Hardcore (Extra thick)
Shaft Material: Red Dragon stems
Additional Features: None

5. CyeeLife 15PCS-Soft Tip Darts - The Ultimate Party Set

Throwing a party? This is the ultimate party set!

It’s like buying 10 dart sets in one package.

You get all of this in just one set:

  • 180 tips (YOU READ THAT RIGHT)
  • 15 soft tip darts!
  • 30 flights

That’s enough to handle large groups all playing at once, and you’ll never have to worry about running out of tips or flights. The only issue here is the clean up.

CyeeLife is a legend in the party darts industry, and I actually got my start throwing their darts at family parties.

One cool thing about this company is they’ll send you more in the mail if you aren’t happy. Or, if you prefer a certain tip or flight, they’ll send you more of that one kind.

I want to stress that this is definitely a beginner’s set or a set for parties (so you don’t risk your nicer darts).

RANDOM THOUGHT: I bet it’d make a great gift for big families too. Kids tend to break and lose things (SURPRISE!). There’s no way they can lose 180 tips… (Can they?)

Weight: 18 grams
Tip: Nylon
Spare Tips: 180!
Barrel Material: Brass
Flights: 30
Shaft Material: Aluminum
Additional Features:

  • Highly customizable (choose your tips, barrels, flights, and even weight)

6. Viper Super Bee

Lightweight, micro barrels, ultra-fast flights – The Viper Super Bee is the Noisy Cricket of soft tip darts. It’s the perfect dart for people with small hands or anyone who wants a fast, small dart.

viper super bee review

The micro barrels are insanely easy to balance, adding no friction while throwing. The result? A tighter, more accurate trajectory (great for beginners or kids.)

A lot of people struggle to balance longer, heavier darts. With the Super Bee, you don’t have to worry about that.

This is by far the smallest dart on the list. You know how a lot of darts loosen during play and you’re forced to retighten the shaft?

Yeah, not going to happen with the Super Bee.

And a dart this size opens up way more of the dart board for throwing.

Personally, I prefer a larger, heavier dart with better grip, but the Super Bee is definitely useful to players with small hands or beginners who haven’t mastered balance.

Weight: 16 grams
Tip: Tufflex 2
Spare Tips: 0
Barrel Material: Brass
Flights: 2-D glitter flights
Shaft Material: Aluminum
Additional Features:

  • Micro shafts
  • Nano locking holes for a tighter fit and tighter trajectory

7. IgnatGames Plastic Tip Darts Set

I almost never recommend cheap brass darts, so this is a major exception for me.

IgnatGames totally shattered my brass shield with these darts.

They’re a massive step up from your typical cheap darts and come with a couple major perks:

  • Nearly Unbreakable: I tried, but the shafts and tips didn’t break when I was playing.
  • EZ Grip: A must-have for beginners. Without EZ grip, you’ll struggle to even throw the thing straight.
  • 10-year warranty: As soon as you register your darts online, IgnatGames activates your decade-long warranty

It’s impossible to find this level of quality in a brass dart, at least at this price.

BONUS: The eBook “35 ways to play darts” is really cool. I learned a few games that I didn’t even know existed.

Weight: 18 grams
Tip: Standard plastic
Spare Tips: 12 tips (70% discount on extra tips)
Barrel Material: Brass
Flights: 8 standard
Shaft Material: Aluminum
Additional Features:

  • 10-year warranty
  • FREE eBook

8. Viper Bobcat Adjustable Weight Soft Tip Darts

Finding the ideal dart weight for your style is crucial for improving your game.

Pros recommend experimenting with multiple sets until you find the perfect match.

Or, you can skip all that by getting adjustable weight darts.

Instead of buying multiple sets or having to adjust your game, you can just adjust the weight IN-GAME until the dart suits you (from 16 – 19 grams). It actually feels like buying 4 different soft tip darts in 1 set with the added bonus of steel tip weights flight path and feel.

As you improve your game, you can adjust the set you already have rather than buying a totally new set.

A tad too heavy and uncomfortable in your hand? Bring it down a notch and make it easier to throw.

Improving your game and looking for some extra accuracy? Bring the weight up to 19 and have at it!

The weight range makes this set ideal for:

  • Beginners
  • Intermediates
  • Pros
  • Kids

The downside is that adjusting the weight caused some grip issues for me.

It was hard to maintain grip at different weights. I think that’s just because I was adding weight all at once rather than gradually over time.

NOTE: These are adjustable darts, so they’ll require a ton of tightening. They’re designed to be easily adjustable (surprise!), but that does make them a bit more flimsy than normal Viper models.

Weight: 16 – 19 grams
Tip: 2BA plastic
Spare Tips: 3
Barrel Material: Tungsten
Flights: 3 High speed
Shaft Material: Aluminum
Additional Features:

  • Add-a-gram system
  • Deluxe storage case
  • Dart wrench
  • Flight protectors

9. CyeeLife 17 Gram Darts - The Bargain

CyeeLife’s 17 gram soft tip set is like the $5 footlong of darts: Something this big should NEVER cost this little, but it’s somehow PACKED with value.

12 darts, 100 tips, 24 flights – something can’t be right here. How can this be so affordable?

CyeeLife makes a damn good dart, all things considered.

I’d never be caught dead with one in a pub game, but for the home, they’re all you need, especially if you’re on a budget.

This is the absolute lowest you can go before you enter the “bargain bin zone,” and trust me – you don’t want to be there.

Don’t worry, they come with most of the features of a “higher-end” dart: knurled barrels, 2BA tips, aluminum shafts – you’ll be just fine.

TL;DR: You can’t beat this set if you’re on a budget.

Weight: 17 grams
Tip: 2BA plastic
Spare Tips: 100
Barrel Material: Brass
Flights: 24
Shaft Material: Aluminum
Additional Features:

  • Awesome case
  • More spare parts than you know what to do with

10. Viper Sure Grip Soft Tip Darts

Sweaty palms, shaky hands, and unsure fingers are NO MATCH for the Viper Sure Grip.

Even complete beginners that struggle with consistent gripping can grip this dart tightly, securely, and consistently. That almost always results in a better follow-through, tighter trajectory, and increased accuracy.

You know how the dart kind of “knuckleballs” in the air and falls downward way too early?

Not anymore…

The knurled brass barrels are covered by a rubberized sleeve that glues your fingers to the dart (kind of).

Now for the downsides…

This is a very limited set. That’s why it’s so affordable. You only get 3 darts. Nothing else. If you want spare tips or flights, you’ve got to pay.

Also, they are nickel/silver-plated brass barrels. Not the highest quality barrels, but still good enough for home use.

NOTE: I felt less pain in my fingers and wrist after a night of throwing. That’s definitely not an accident. This dart is so easy to grip that I didn’t work my hands nearly as much while throwing.

Weight: 16 or 18 grams
Tip: Tufflex
Spare Tips: 0
Barrel Material: Brass
Flights: 24
Shaft Material: Aluminum
Additional Features: None

11. Wolftop Soft Tip Darts (12/15 Pack) - My Favorite Style

Behold, Wolftop’s black steel darts. They are by far the sleekest, coolest looking darts on this list.

The jet black look and cool feeling of steel on my fingers hooked me instantly.

They’re more of a showpiece than a pro dart, but hey, this is MY LIST.

Most darts try too hard to impress. These let the style do all the talking.

On top of the look, the balance was exceptional. I didn’t feel either the front or the back of the dart weighing it down.

The features aren’t too shabby either:

  • Anodized steel shafts for extra durability compared to typical PVC
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • 36 extra flights

Weight: 17 grams
Tip: 2BA
Spare Tips: 36
Barrel Material: Brass
Flights: No extra
Shaft Material: Anodized aluminum.
Additional Features: None

36 extra flights
Knurled grip for extra control

12. Viper Black Magic

Viper’s Black Magic soft tip dart is the only dart on my list with anti-slip knurling.

Plus, it comes with a choice of 2 knurling styles: coarse and medium.

Personally, I love coarse (extremely deep) knurling because of the added grip and extra control. It turns your hands into King Crab claws.

The Black Magic dart’s grooves are deeper than any other dart on my list, making it much easier to control the flight path and find a grip that’s perfect for your hand/style.

I don’t like the brass barrels, but the extra grip completely makes up for it.

Weight: 18 grams
Tip: Tufflex
Spare Tips: 0
Barrel Material: Brass
Flights: No extra
Shaft Material: Diamond-cut aluminum.
Additional Features:

  • Choice of coarse or medium knurling
  • Dart wrench

13. Viper Element

Newsflash: I LOVE Viper soft tip darts.

Here’s what I love about the Viper Element

It’s got everything I love about Viper: tungsten barrels, aerodynamic trajectory, unbreakable tips.

PLUS it lets YOU CHOOSE the barrel. The Viper Element’s 3 different barrel types – Knurled, Ridgeback, and Ringed – give you ultimate flexibility. Need extra grip? Go knurled. Want a tighter fit? Go ringed.

You can adjust your darts IN-GAME to fit the situation. Good luck beating that.

You definitely pay for the added flexibility, but it’s worth a look.

NOTE: Beginners and intermediate players probably won’t notice the difference. It might be a bit of overkill.

Weight: 18 grams
Tip: Tufflex
Spare Tips: 6
Barrel Material: 90% Tungsten
Flights: Slim (3 extra)
Shaft Material: Diamond-cut aluminum.
Additional Features: 

  • 3 barrel styles
  • Dart wrench

Honorary Mention

14. Fat Cat Darts in a Jar

Fat Cat is one of the biggest names in darts, so I include them as an honorary mention.

I love the jar. It makes transport and storage super easy. The darts are solid quality, affordable, and come with a lifetime barrel warranty. PLUS, Fat Cat lets you buy up to 3 packs at a time.

The value is hard to beat here. 21 darts in a jar, tough points, decent grip, and the Fat Cat guarantee.

Definitely a fun addition to the family game room if you’ve got a ton of dart players.

Weight: 17 grams
Tip: 2BA plastic
Spare Tips: 0
Barrel Material: Brass
Flights: Polypro (0 extra)
Shaft Material: Convex nylon
Additional Features:

  • Cool storage jar
  • Fat Cat lifetime warranty

A Guide to Finding the Right Soft Tip Dart for Your Playing Style

Remember what I said in the beginning?

“Soft tip darts are a complete pain the A**.”

I’m serious.

They don’t have the same “respect” as steel tip darts, and even the companies themselves often don’t take them seriously.

Finding a good set of darts for an electronic dart board is hard enough.

But finding a good one that’s right for your playing style – that’s even harder.

So here’s what happens:

You buy the first pack you see, and they break instantly. So, you upgrade without doing your research and those either break or don’t stick in the board, so you start to hate your life and question every buying decision you’ve ever made.

Then, you go back to steel tip darts and pay hundreds for a good set and board. Next thing you know, you’ve got 100 holes in your walls, someone’s finger is bleeding, and you take out a second mortgage to pay for repairs.

The cycle is vicious.

All jokes aside…

Here’s a practical buying guide based on my experience throwing dozens of soft tip darts, thousands of times.

What Makes the Best Soft Tip Darts the Best?

Buying soft tip darts is a lot like buying steel tip ones with one huge difference: TIPS.

Plastic tips break more often than Millenials get offended. Seriously.

With that in mind, here are the non-negotiables for soft tip darts:

  • Strong Tips (And Lots of Them): Most plastic tips are garbage. Tufflex is extremely strong, and will drastically reduce the number of breaks. Big names like Viper almost always use Tufflex polymer. Also, 2BA is the most common tip size, making it way easier to buy replacements.
  • Compatibility: Not every dart works on every board. I learned that the hard way. Most popular brands work with nearly all electronic boards but make sure to check BEFORE YOU BUY.
  • Weight: Soft tip darts are WAY lighter than steel darts. Most soft tips are between 16 and 19 grams. Steel tips can go as high as 50. Personally, I prefer heavier, so I go with an 18 or 19-gram dart. Just be ready to throw harder… a lot harder.

How to Find the Right Dart for Your Playing Style

Ready? It’s time to show you how to choose the right dart for your specific style.

Start With Weight…

As I said before, soft tip darts usually weigh between 16 and 19 grams.

In general, heavier darts fly straighter and lighter darts require more force to maintain the same trajectory. You know how your dart wobbles in midair, hits the board at an angle, and plops on the ground? Yeah, that will happen A LOT with a 16-gram dart.

Most players prefer heavier darts. It’s easier to feel it in your hand and to throw it accurately.

Here’s what to do…

Do you have a steel dart lying around? Pick it up and throw it naturally. How does it feel?

Is it too easy? Is it a bit heavy?

If it’s too heavy, you’re in luck. Because a soft tip is going to be at least 6 grams lighter. If it feels too easy, you’re going to have to adjust your throwing style.

Try out a 17 or 18-gram dart if you can.

Is it going ABOVE where you aim? If so, go a gram or two heavier. Is it falling toward the ground? Go a gram or two lighter.

Eventually, you’ll find the ideal weight. And if you can’t, you’ll just have to adjust to a world where you need 30% more force to get the dart to the board (or stand closer!).

Dart Materials

There are only two types of materials that matter for this review: Tungsten and Brass.

  1. Brass: Far more common and much cheaper than tungsten. The major issue I have with them is that they break often. They also require a larger barrel, making it harder to throw darts in tight groupings.
  2. Tungsten: Tungsten is the best dart material. Tungsten is extremely dense, meaning the dart can be thin but still heavy. This improves accuracy immensely.

If you can afford tungsten, get it. But if you’re just playing at home, it’s not a big deal.

Dart Barrels – How to Choose the Right Grip

There are as many different grips as there are types of dart, and most players would say that it comes down to personal preference.

I don’t agree. I think certain grips are better for certain people, but that there are 1 or 2 that are better for new players. This could make a huge difference in how accurate your throws are (and how much you enjoy the game).

  • Knurled: Knurled grip is the most common grip and in my opinion, the best for beginners. The coarse feeling makes it extremely easy to feel the dart and grip it consistently. No matter where you hold the dart (front, middle, or back), you can get a tight, consistent grip.
  • Smooth: If you’ve got sweaty hand syndrome, smooth barrels could be a big help. They’re way easier to get out of your hands.
  • Ringed: Ringed grip is just as good as knurled if you ask me, and I prefer 8 rings. The more the better. If you really struggle with grip, having a visual clue as to where to place your hand will improve your consistency.

Flights – Slim or Thick?

Flights won’t make or break your game, but they can improve it. 99.9% of players stick with the flights they get with their dart set.

But if you want to go next level, here’s a tip:

Slim flights are better for lighter darts, and heavier flights are better for heavy darts. A slim flight means less resistance, but a heavier one could improve accuracy. A lighter dart will probably bounce out less, but if it’s too light, Mother Nature might interfere with your throw.

Wow, that’s it!

I know that’s a lot to take in, but I just want to make sure you get the best soft tip darts out there. Let me know which one you choose and how it works out!


Q: What soft tip darts do the pros use?

A: Pros use tungsten soft tip darts. Professional players need tight groupings, exceptional balance, and the highest accuracy, and this requires 90% or 95% tungsten barrels. If I had to choose one, it’d be the Viper Diamond.

Q: What is the best weight for soft tip darts?

A: There is no “best weight” for soft tip darts. It depends on your skill and playing style. In general, the best is 17 or 18 grams, but beginners can go even lighter. I don’t recommend going below 16 grams, though.

Q: Are soft tip darts any good?

A: Yes, soft tip darts are great. They are way safer and cheaper, and they don’t damage your home. I highly recommend electronic dart boards for the home.

Q: Are soft tip darts easier?

A: In general, yes. Soft tip darts are easier to play with. Soft tip boards are larger with larger segments, making it easier to score.

Q: Why do my soft tip darts bounce out?

A: Soft tip darts bounce out because you’re throwing on an arc or because the tips do not grip the board. You need to throw your dart on a flat trajectory so it sticks in the hole. Also, if you have a low-quality electronic dart board, the segments and holes will produce more bounce-outs than usual.

Q: What are soft tip darts for?

A: Soft tip darts are made for electronic dart boards. Steel tip darts would destroy the electronics!

Q: Will soft tip darts damage my walls?

A: Most likely no, unless you throw them unreasonably hard. The plastic tip shouldn’t be hard enough to put a hole in your wall.