When renowned darts manufacturers are talked about, the British company Winmau is one of those on the lips of many. Winmau not only produces the best dart boards and dart-related accessories, they also sponsor recognized dart events.

Winmau darts and dart boards have become quite popular among dart enthusiasts and professionals. In this article, we will take a closer look at some of their products.

1. Winmau Assault Steel Tip Darts

Darts are the missiles thrown at a dart board, which makes them an instrumental part of a game of darts. There are a lot of darts currently for sale right now and the Winmau’s Assault Steel Tip is one of them. What makes this dart any better? Let’s find out.


  • Sold as a set of three darts
  • The darts sold can have weights of 22g, 24g, or 26g
  • 90% tungsten component of the barrel of the Assault model
  • Indented area specifically for the thumb and index finger
  • Slender barrel
  • The assault dart has an aluminum shaft
  • The flight is of the rhino variety
  • Equipped with a steel tip


  • Balance is commendable
  • The slender build makes it suitable for group throwing
  • The indented area improves your handling of the dart
  • The high tungsten component of the barrel makes the darts durable and improves precision
  • It has a near perfect weight
  • The flight enhances the movement of the dart in the air


  • The shaft is a significant flaw in the dart
  • A lack of an O-ring is another notable issue with the Assault Steel Tip


Winmau’s Assault Steel Tip darts are remarkable. The 90% tungsten barrel component is one of the highest in the market. The main flaw of the Assault Steel Tip is its shaft. However, with an O-ring, this shouldn’t be a problem.

2. Winmau Blade 4 Bristle Dartboard

Dartboards are the other integral part of a game of darts, and a bristle dartboard is a favorite among dart players. Winmau has several bristle dart boards, and the Blade 4 is one of them. The attributes of this dart board have been outlined to provide you with sufficient insight on this board. If you are interested in purchasing the Blade 4, check it out through the link above.


Below are some of the features of the Blade 4:

  • The dartboard is fitted with a sector wire
  • Made from sisal fibers of Kenyan stock
  • The design uses a steel wiring
  • Wiring is triangular shaped


  • Solid sisal fibers improve the coloring of the dartboard
  • Wiring is structured to increase the efficiency of your throw
  • Its lack of staples improves the overall efficiency of every dart thrown toward the board
  • Quality fibers quickly close up holes
  • It looks great
  • Fewer bounce outs
  • Slender wiring adds to the efficiency of each dart thrown


  • Dart board is bulky
  • The durability of the Blade 4 is alarming
  • Winmau’s customer support is pathetic
  • The coatings on the wire of the dart board get worn out with time
  • Expensive


The numerous benefits of Winmau’s Blade 4 last only for a short while. Its durability is discouraging especially from a renowned dart company like Winmau. If you are looking for an efficient dart board which will only survive a couple of months under intense use, then the Blade 4 is worth considering.

3. Winmau Blade 5 Bristle Dartboard

Another bristle dart board produced by Winmau is the Blade 5, which is like an upgrade of the Blade 4. What makes it any better considering the poor durability of the Blade 4? We will find out in this section. However, if you are familiar with the Blade 5 and want to purchase this dartboard, you can visit the link above.


  • Slender steel wiring compared to the Blade 4
  • Dynamic sector and radian wiring
  • The Blade 5 comes equipped with a locking mechanism
  • More scoring segments


  • The thin wiring of the Blade 5 increases the efficiency of a dart throw
  • The more scoring areas incorporated into this dart board adds to the efficiency
  • Built with carbon diffusion technology for maximum increased durability
  • Fewer bounce outs
  • Its locking mechanism demands little effort to rotate the dart board. Also, you can mount the board easily with the Rota-Lock feature
  • Commendable recovery rate
  • Metallic leveler looks good


  • Expensive


The Winmau Blade 5 is a great dart board. It’s a complete upgrade from the Blade 4. With its durability miles ahead of the Blade 4, you really can’t go wrong. If you are looking for a dart board which can take more play with minimal bounce outs, you might want to consider the Blade 5.

4. Winmau Blade 5 Dual Core Bristle Dart Board

Produced by the Winmau, the Blade 5 Dual Core is a variant of the Blade 5. It has several notable features which could account for the difference in price. We intend to look at some of these features in this section. Considering buying the Winmau Blade 5 Dual Core? You can visit the link above for a seamless purchase.


  • 2 cores built into one dart board
  • Steel wiring
  • More scoring area
  • Sisal fibers constitute the two cores for different purposes


  • Wiring system consumes small space, increasing the scoring area
  • One of the cores of the Blade 5 Dual Core improves its durability even better than the normal Blade 5
  • Its locking mechanism means fewer issues hanging the dart board. You also get to spin the dart board—a necessary chore to increase durability.
  • Higher efficiency


  • Relatively expensive


The Winmau Blade 5 Dual Core is a remarkable bristle dartboard with some unique features. Its durability, which is better than the regular Blade 5 is top notch. The issue is not everyone can afford to spend what it costs on a single dart board. However, if it wouldn’t put a hole in your pocket/purse, it’s worth considering.

5. Winmau Rhino Dart Flight

Flights are an important feature of darts because they are responsible for the movement of the dart in the air. Winmau’s Rhino Dart Flights are quite common perhaps due to the reputation of the manufacturing company. Let’s have a quick look at what’s special about these Rhino Darts. The link to purchasing this dart flight is above.


  • Thick
  • Available in different colors
  • Shaped in the standard format


  • Great appearance
  • Improved movement in the air
  • Nine pieces at a very affordable price


  • Susceptible to damage
  • Thickness isn’t so great, contrary claims by Winmau


The Winmau Rhino flights are a decent option for a dart player, but poor durability is a problem. However, at the price, we can’t complain.

Choosing The Best Darts

If you are looking to pick up Winmau darts or darts from any other brand there are several things to consider:

  • Tip
  • Barrel
  • Shaft
  • Flight.

We will discuss each of these darts features below.

Dart Tip Type

Another part of a dart worth considering before you purchase a dart is the tip of the dart. There are two types of darts based on their tip:

Steel Tip Darts – This type of darts are relatively commonplace. They have a tip made from steel and can be used on different dart boards. They are perhaps more durable and with lower bounce out rates compared to soft tip darts. The tip of this kind of dart can be movable or fixed so you would want to consider this when purchasing a dart.

Soft Tip Darts – Soft tip darts are most suitable for electronic dart boards. They have a flexible plastic tip which is ideal for the many opening on an electronic dart board. However, on a bristle dart board, soft tip darts are a big no! So, before purchasing a soft tip dart consider the type of dart board you have or desire.

Regardless of what you might think is good for you practicing a few times with any regular dart should guide you on the type of dart you need.


Shafts come in a variety of styles and we cover them extensively on this post so go there to read more.

Barrel Constituent

The barrel is an important part of a dart. It is usually made of metallic elements including alloys such as brass, steel or tungsten alloy.

Brass is one of the more common barrel constituents. It is cheap and should suffice for those venturing into the world of dart.

Barrels made of tungsten are recommended since they make a dart more slender which increases the efficiency of a thrown dart. Tungsten barrels are also more durable when compared to their brass counterpart. However, unlike the latter, they don’t come cheap.


Standard flight – This is the regular flight popular in darts. You will find this helpful if you throw without pressuring the darts. The weight of the barrel and the length of the shaft also determine how beneficial a standard flight will be. A heavy barrel or a longer shaft works great with a standard flight.

Slim flight – This is another type of flight which is quite common. It is suitable for darts with lighter barrels or shorter shafts. Slim darts have been shown to improve scoring potential since they could fit in to any space due to their slender nature.

You would do well to consider the flight of a dart before you purchase a dart. Ensure it suits your throwing pattern.

Lastly, the equipment covered in this post is super high quality and should last you a long time. Nonetheless, it’s critical you take good care of them – check out our guide to maintaining both your darts and your dart board.